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Social media truck

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013



The article contains on how the Seattle Seahawks are using social media to reach to their fans and potential ones too. Many sport organizations are using old media and new media to advertise their professional teams.

I felt that the Seahawks are using new media to promote their team and also using an automobile to help spread their advertising. I’ve seen billboards on wheels, but the Seahawks are upping that concept and using social media. The Seahawks are also using Twitter feed from #thevoiceofthe12man and #GoHawks on their digital billboards on wheels. To also include, the Seahawks are also using Instagram to advertise.

In looking up the Seattle Seahawks social media campaign, the results that I came up with a Bing search engine.

So in looking at the various websites that promote the Seahawks; I saw some links that showed the team’s interaction with the city of Seattle, the teams 12 day celebration, and the advertisement of Seattle Seahawks mobile app. So with the introduction of the digital billboard on wheel, I feel that many other NFL football teams will follow suit or think of something bigger than the Seattle Seahawks concept. So even as an avid Seattle Seahawks fan; I got their app on my IPhone so that I can follow up on the team’s transaction, who is injured or just browsing the stats on various players. So in the concept of things, I think that advertising a product nowadays require the use of new media to reach to all consumers.

Mixed Messages…Student-Athlete or Just Athlete?

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

What kind of messages are we sending to student-athletes if we set low standards for GPA.  Should they also expect that the bar be lowered for them as adults after playing sports in school?  How can we expect so little of high school athletes, but once they turn 18 we have unrealistic professional expectations of them?  Lowering GPA requirements for student-athletes ultimately hurts our future generation of leaders and work force.  It changes the role of the student-athlete to just an athlete.

 According to Ted Biondo (ESPN video clip: OTL: Lowering GPA Standards), “If that’s the only thing keeping them in school, how does that affect the other kids.”

Alex trautmann is a baseball player with a 3.2 GPA and he has an interesting point of view on lowering GPA for student-athletes.

Alex Trautmann makes a compelling statement when he says, “School is not important, learning is not important.”

Another conscientious  student from the ESPN video clip, Aida Cornier, has tutored many student-athletes and has seen a change in attitudes from when GPA standards were higher at her school to lower standards now in effect.  She mentions that a 2.5 GPA motivated the student-athletes she tutored to work harder and now many have the impression that they can slack off with the lower standards.  In light of what Aida says, we have to wonder if lowering the bar for these students to play sports will help them to graduate from their institutions or help them achieve their future goals in life.  Where did the role of high schools change from educating our youth to shifting the focus onto sports?