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Do what you’re passionate about and love what you do

Thursday, December 5th, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed Lynne’s talk on Wednesday morning. It was good to get some background on her and what she’s done as well as the advice that she offered us. I broke it down into a 5 step process of the advice that she gave that I can apply to my own life. 
1) Do what you’re passionate about and love what you do. It’s not about the money, it’s about your passion. Don’t choose a job just because it pays a lot of money, choose a job that you enjoy and have passion for because that will last.
2) Always honor your commitment. No matter what amazing offer you may be offered, if you’re already commited to a job for two years, stick it out for two years, don’t leave just because a bigger offer comes along. You don’t want to leave a job on the wrong foot.
3) Connections are super important. Sometimes it’s more about who you know, than your resume. Your resume is built from connections and who you know. Networking is important, make sure people know who you are,
Take time to do the little things
4) Work hard and people will notice. But it’s not entirely about that, it’s about working hard because you love it. Put 100% of yourself into your job, don’t just give half-heartedly.  
5) For me, my passion is coaching and that is what I plan on doing once I graduate. From Lynne’s talk, she mentioned being relatable and getting to know people (whether that’s athletes or coaches). I know that for me, that is very important. Coaching isn’t just about making people better athletes, but better people. I think coaches should really get to know their athletes outside of just their sport, so they know how their outside life is going, how school is, how work is, etc. Relationships matter in this field.
When it comes down to it…
Love what you do.
Simple as that.

How much are sports worth?

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

How much are sports worth? There was one particular high school that chose to put too much effort, time, and money into sports rather than the school’s education program.

To cut costs, the district had already laid off eight employees and closed the middle-school campus, moving its classes to the high-school building; the elementary school hadn’t employed an art or a music teacher in years; and the high school had sealed off the science labs, which were infested with mold. Yet the high school still turned out football, basketball, volleyball, track, tennis, cheerleading, and baseball teams each year.

How much do sports really cost?

Football at Premont cost about $1,300 a player. Math, by contrast, cost just $618 a student. For the price of one football season, the district could have hired a full-time elementary-school music teacher for an entire year. But, despite the fact that Premont’s football team had won just one game the previous season and hadn’t been to the playoffs in roughly a decade, this option never occurred to anyone.

There is such a huge emphasis on sports even in high school that the school district begins to place sports higher in priority over education. For this particular school, they almost gave up sports for school and one of the upperclassman students said this:

Would you rather have sports or school?

One fascinating point about this article was that it was showing how other countries compared to America treat their sports and school so very differently. Americans have the mindset of sports being a right not a privilege. Most 0f this emphasis on sports is that the coaches get paid a lot for their salary and think that they are bigger and better than others around them.

Football is, far and away, the most expensive high-school sport. Many football teams have half a dozen or more coaches, all of whom typically receive a stipend. Some schools hire professional coaches at full salaries, or designate a teacher as the full-time athletic director. New bleachers can cost half a million dollars, about the same as artificial turf. Even maintaining a grass field can cost more than $20,000 a year. Reconditioning helmets, a ritual that many teams pay for every year, can cost more than $1,500 for a large team. Some communities collect private donations or levy a special tax to fund new school-sports facilities.


The impact of coaching salaries on sport industry is becoming more and more involved, and is affecting areas around the industry. For example, with this high school situation, coaching salaries are getting a higher priority than teacher’s salaries.

The sport industry is becoming out of control. Will this stop or get worse? Only time will tell. However, there is a huge impact of the players and coaching salaries on sport industry.

March Madness and Tumblr

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

As technology is becoming more and more advanced in our society, sport communication is also changing . There are many different nontraditional forms of communication in 2013 to help reach out to various populations.

What is Tumblr?

Its both a simple blogging site and social network combined as you can share pictures, video, and text.

How popular is Tumblr?

80 million posts a day!

The tactics that they are trying to employ is the fact that they are trying to reach the younger population, and using social media such as Tumblr, they know that high school and college age students are constantly on Tumblr and other social media.

They are hoping to achieve more involvement from fans, and one of those ways is using Tumblr to show their creativity. Tumblr is one way for sport fans to feel like they are more involved with their favorite teams, and it gives them something new and exciting to try! Sports are very popular and so many people keep up with their favorite teams, Tumblr gives them more information, resources, and most importantly, a place for them to post their favorite game memories, pictures, and etc. People want this, they want the chance to show the world what their experience was from watching the games in March Madness, SuperBowl, and other sport games. One thing that as a society we are finding out is that people want to be heard: social media can account for this. Sport loving fans want to be able to document their own experience from watching a game, and that is why they came up with the idea to have the fans post on Tumblr during the games of March Madness.

Tumblr is just one of the many nontraditional forms of communication to achieve their purposes, along with incorporating Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… The options are endless. It’s all about having a large network of people spreading sport news.

Communication is constantly changing as technology advances more and more. There are many good uses for social media in sport industry and Tumblr is just one of them put to good use.

Sochi: Is it worth it to host the Olympic Games?

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

I think the plans for sustainability are achievable because they are using the most of the opportunities that they are given and principles to follow a design to be able to have sustainable development. This development creates positive change within a country, because countries gain many positive aspects when they host the Olympic Games in their city.

Sustainability means creating long-term positive change in the social, economic and environmental spheres, based on effective use of the resource potential for all Russians both today and tomorrow.

Hosting Olympic Games allow cities to gain potential and change in their economic standings, along with the environment and social aspects. The economic aspect is affected because there are many people and tourists that come to watch and participate in the Olympics. The hotels, businesses, and restaurants are all positively impacted by the Olympic people.

Sustainable development is a process based on the combination of economic growth, social development and environmental protection. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present, while not jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable development is a smart plan and definitely something needed to help the countries that host the Olympic Games. It focuses greatly on the three aspects: economic, environment, and social.

Is it worth hosting the Olympics?

Approximately 80% of cities in which the Games were held after 1972 are now among the 200 most popular cities in the world. The Games in 1992 helped Barcelona to become one of the world’s major tourist centres.

I definitely think that it is worth it hosting the Olympic games because it helps with the economic status of a country, especially when statistics show that 80% of cities after the Olympic games have become the most popular in the world. Knowing this as well as all of the sustainable developments that the organizing committee puts together goes to show that all of the plans for sustainability are achievable.

Is sport a privilege or a right?!

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

That is the question. Is sport a privilege or a right? What decision needs to be made to best reach out to the community and present the best option for participating in community sports? How many families have similar situations to Sondra’s?

First of all, the decision of requiring a participation fee to join the community sports’ teams could be damaging to the group of population that can’t afford to pay that fee. Therefore, this decision that needs to be made comes down to the question: What is the most efficient decision and how does this best serve the whole community equally?

The relevant facts of the case are the fact that community sports cost to join, some people believe that “sport is a privilege, not a right,” kids should have equal opportunity to join sport teams, and they should not be stopped by money. One article on mentioned that:

Playing a sport can help prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and children participating in sports are less likely to start smoking, and if they do smoke, are more likely to quit.

There are some important people that have a big stake in the outcome: single parent with a family and poor families. There are definitely many options that can be taken into consideration about how to deal with these people that aren’t able to join community sport teams because of cost.

Which option best serves the community as a whole, not just some members?

All children should have equal opportunity to be on a community sports team, whether or not they decide to, that is their choice. Some ideas that could be considered are: lowering costs of participation fees or advertising more about having businesses and companies sponsor kids financially. In order to do this, people need to be educated and how they can promote community sport involvement. By offering members of the community the opportunity to sponsor some of the teams, they can help where single parent families are able to let their kids participate without money being a huge issue. The article on also mentioned that:

Sports allow children to assume leadership roles, handle conflicts, and manage their time.

Sport is a privilege and a right; however, kids should have the equal opportunity to be able to participate in sports if they so desire! Therefore, I think they should allow Sondra’s kids to participate in sports, and they can find ways to pay for the cost, or lower the cost!

Give kids as many opportunities as you can!


What role does sport play in High School? Lowering GPA worth it?

Thursday, October 24th, 2013
I believe that lowering the GPA minimum is ultimately hurting the athletes. Coaches and teachers need to encourage student-athletes to work hard in the classroom in order to participate in sports. The priority should first be academics and then sports. Therefore, they should not be messing with the academics side of school just to be able to allow students to participate in sports.

Eliminating GPA requirements at some high schools has angered some people, including students, who believe that playing sports is a right to be earned.

And that is how sports should be viewed: rights to be earned. Teachers and tutors are available for students who need help improving their grades in order to participate in sports. The students need to work harder in school, not be given a lower standard to meet for sports. It also hurts the students because how are colleges going to let them in if they have a 1.6 GPA from high school? High school needs to prepare them for college, and by lowering the GPA standard for sports, it does not accomplish that. There was another article I found that stated:

“Our main charge is to provide a quality education and prepare them for life after high school,” said Smithfield High Principal Rebecca Mercer. “We believe that academics should come first.”

High school students need to realize that there is life after high school and that high school is not all about playing sports, but also about getting an education. High school sports should be looked at as an opportunity and privilege, if the students participate. I believe that with the lowering the minimum GPA that it is sending a wrong image to the high school students about how important sports really are to a high school over the academics side.