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Sochi 2014…push in the right direction or pushing too hard?

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

The Sochi Organizing Committee stages and prepares for the 2014 Olympic Games.  The purpose of the committee is to make a large amount of opportunities from the Games in Sochi for keeping alive long-term development in the area.  While preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the Organizing Committee sees sustainability to mean creating positive changes in the area socially, economically and environmentally.  They believe that this can be done by the resources available.  For the committee to achieve the sustainability they strive for, six main areas of topics will prepare for the stagings of the event.  These six topics include: healthy lifestyle, harmony with nature, barrier-free environment, economic prosperity, modern technologies and culture and national values.  To be able to reach these six topics, a program of action in the field of sustainability within the Olympic project for 2011-2014 has been created.


The six topics to achieve sustainability are good topics to start to find achievement.  Unfortunately, it seems as though some of the topics may be more attainable than others as well as realistic.  Economic Prosperity absolutely has the possibility to achieve its goals.  The Olympic Games is a celebration of sports and events that brings the entire world together in competition.  To be able to see first hand the best of the best compete against one another is an incredible opportunity and site to see.  Since people love watching the Games, it will bring greater numbers in population to the place in which it is held, Sochi.  The Organizing Committee sees this as a huge opportunity to “ensure long term sustainable development and prosperity of the city of Sochi, the Krasnodar region and all of Russia.”  They hope to see this as providing a more stable economic development for the area which can develop the job market.  In preparation for the Games, new roads, railways, and other types of transportation opportunities are arising.  This infrastructure and new venues will allow for Sochi to develop as a city, but for the development of Russia as well.


The area of modern technologies is an area that can be achieved by the committee.  With the progress that as been made through technology in the past years, broadcasting through media and the technological devices that run it have allowed for better footage and coverage of the event.  The Organizing Committee says:

“The technological solutions of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee will provide high quality services to all of their clients: The Olympic and Paralympic Families, athletes, media, Games personnel, the spectators at the stadiums and the international audience of the Games.”


Topics such as healthy living will be very difficult to achieve.  This will be very difficult to accomplish because of personal lifestyle and decisions that people make individually.  The Organizing Committee says that they want to make healthy eating, stop making smoking and drinking popular, and help increase the physical activity level of a person.  The Games is a time of celebration of sport and competition across the world.  In times of celebration, people tend to enjoy smoking and drinking, which will make it very difficult to become an activity in minority.  Trying to make people change their current ways of living by asking them to increase their physical activity and decrease the amount of alcohol and smoking is nearly impossible.  If people want to change, they will.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle at the Games would be beneficial because it would be informative, but it would not be pushing people in directions that they do not want to go.


In conclusion, it appears as though the Organizing Committee has some great ideas for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.  Unfortunately, some topics would appear to be incredibly difficult, for it pushes people in directions that they are not ready for.  Some types of change are greater and more significant than others, and because of this people have to want to see that change.