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Do what you’re passionate about and love what you do

Thursday, December 5th, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed Lynne’s talk on Wednesday morning. It was good to get some background on her and what she’s done as well as the advice that she offered us. I broke it down into a 5 step process of the advice that she gave that I can apply to my own life. 
1) Do what you’re passionate about and love what you do. It’s not about the money, it’s about your passion. Don’t choose a job just because it pays a lot of money, choose a job that you enjoy and have passion for because that will last.
2) Always honor your commitment. No matter what amazing offer you may be offered, if you’re already commited to a job for two years, stick it out for two years, don’t leave just because a bigger offer comes along. You don’t want to leave a job on the wrong foot.
3) Connections are super important. Sometimes it’s more about who you know, than your resume. Your resume is built from connections and who you know. Networking is important, make sure people know who you are,
Take time to do the little things
4) Work hard and people will notice. But it’s not entirely about that, it’s about working hard because you love it. Put 100% of yourself into your job, don’t just give half-heartedly.  
5) For me, my passion is coaching and that is what I plan on doing once I graduate. From Lynne’s talk, she mentioned being relatable and getting to know people (whether that’s athletes or coaches). I know that for me, that is very important. Coaching isn’t just about making people better athletes, but better people. I think coaches should really get to know their athletes outside of just their sport, so they know how their outside life is going, how school is, how work is, etc. Relationships matter in this field.
When it comes down to it…
Love what you do.
Simple as that.