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Real Madrid website and how it works and compares

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

After logging in to the Real Madrid team official website I poked around a bit to find what types of services and information they could present to the viewer. The first thing I noticed was the menu bar which lets you expand links to their football (soccer) and basketball areas. Both menus feature a history, current squad, news, video gallery, and photo gallery for viewing pleasure. The members and fan zone tabs require a log in process to view some of the features. The fan zone tab seemed to be focused most on selling tickets and how one can purchase single game or season passes. Above the menu tabs, there are smaller links going to Real Madrid’s charity foundation, more information, and of course another buy tickets tab. Above that, a few of the teams major sponsors (Adidas, Emirates, and bwin) are featured. Scrolling down the page leads through recent news and a prominently displayed achievement section with all the awards both football and basketball teams have won over the lifespan of the club. All the way at the bottom there is a link to the official social media websites.

This site is definitely designed for an individual like me who is slightly unfamiliar with their club. There is a great amount of information available to educate people like me in a way that makes me interested in possibly becoming a fan. On the opposite side, there is a recent news and player feature that only real fans would know about currently. The website does a great job of pleasing both educated and uneducated Real Madrid inquiries.

The site is very well organized and likes to show off how excellent their teams are.  Their primary focus is promoting their football (American soccer) and their basketball teams.  Each team has dedicated both a photo and video gallery:

Football video galley:

Football photo gallery:

Basketball video gallery:

Basketball photo gallery:

The team has so much unity and respect for one another.  Recently acquired player Gareth Bale made some comments about his coach (Ancelotti) and one if his teammates (Ronaldo):

            He has helped me a lot. As a coach he has given us the idea of trusting our chances and    having faith in our potential and that has helped us to keep improving in the areas we’re working on. Cristiano Ronaldo is simply the best player in the world, he is completely extraordinary and it really helps me being part of a strikeforce that includes him

I assume this site allows for two way interaction if you are a member and log in. the social media links allow two way interaction offsite but still provide fan and company interaction.

After reviewing the MLB website the similarities between this website and Real Madrid’s are numerous. Both feature a login portion for extra fan action while showing a newsfeed tab and tickets link prominently. I only found two major differences. One is that MLB has a shop link to buy official merchandise, which Real Madrid does not have. The second is Real Madrid’s side has a better education feature for individuals who may not be avid fans.

Noah Dillon and Matthew Clark