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North America and Europe sports communication: the differences and similarities

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

The English version of Real Madrid’s website offers many different features. It of course offers news and insight on the football team, but it also offers information on the Real Madrid basketball team. General information about Real Madrid is presented such as their schedule, as well as a Fan Zone where fans can connect with Madrid’s teams with videos, social media, and exclusive interviews. Fans can also share stories with friends via the popular social media platforms such as twitter, googleplus and facebook. The interesting thing about Madrid’s website is that it allows fans to subscribe to a membership service which gives the fans an inside track to services such as season tickets and discounts on merchandise. The audience for Madrid’s website is for the hardcore fan of Real Madrid. Statistics, interviews, insight on philosophy, and links to buy merchandise are presented. In addition, there is a counter on the different championships they have won as well as how the club is structured with who the board members and the president are, This type of information is not meant for the casual fan yet casual fans can still enjoy some of the content the website offers with. However, the website doesn’t offer many avenues for two-way communication. It offers links for things like social media and it offers support services on ticket and merchandise orders, but that’s about the only way the fan can interact with the organization. For a comparison between a major U.S. sport organization and the Real Madrid soccer club, is the website examined which is the official site of the Denver Broncos. Many of the same type of services are offered. Roster information, recent news are some of the similarities as well offering social media outlets for fans to connect with and featuring exclusive interviews with players. The main difference between the two websites is that the Broncos offer more way for fans to engage with the Broncos. For example, fans can participate in forums with other fans and enter into contests that are geared for different ages. Other differences from the Real Madrid webpage include the ability to look up cheerleaders, and watch old games. The Broncos site also offers little fans their own section to explore. Additionally, the Broncos website offers stadium and ticket information that is a little more in depth than Real Madrid’s website. To wrap up, both of these teams communicate to their audiences in a similar manner. However, there are stark differences in presenting different information to reach and engage with their audience base.

By Opie Wilson and Kalen Dear

Socail Media, NFL’s New Marketing Technique

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

We all know that the NFL is a huge organization which makes billions of dollars a year. While the NFL can be spending big money on traditional communications, they chose to go the other route using non-traditional ie. facebook, twitter, and instagram. The reason they are going in this direction is not because they don’t want to spend the money, but instead because it reaches a wider audience. The NFL decided to hype the release of the 2013-2014 football schedule  earlier than usual and started creating hype by posting it to social media websites for people to see.

The NFL is trying to get people excited about the season before the schedule comes out so that people will stay tuned. Once people are tuned in and the schedule is released, people will be so excited that they will start to buy tickets right away. An example would be by letting a video out similar to this, . It gets fans who miss football going and ready for their team which may increase sales in every aspect. The NFL knows that many people are now on social media and the circulation of ads, videos, or whatever they are trying to get across will reach a wider audience. This article show an example of  how teams and organizations are turning to social media to get the word out, .

Some form of non traditional communication that teams or the NFL may do is by having emails sent out to an older group of people. Social media is used by many but if there were a group who would not receive the message, it would be older people. However, older people have emails and check them quite frequently. They are also a group with not as much to do (if they are retired) and enjoy events such as football games.

The NFL is increasing their usage of social media for marketing purposes. It seems that the hype got to a large audience and I do Believe they will continue to communicate through social media because of the effectiveness both financially and physically.


Compete like the U.S. Ski Team or Against it?

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Within the last year or so, Vail Resorts has come out with the third generation of its mobile and web-based ski and snowboard application called Epic Mix.  This application for phones will provide skiers with a way to follow ski racing at six of the seven resorts across California and Colorado.  With a hope of achieving a large use of this application, Rob Katz, the Vail Resorts chairman and chief executive officer says:

We created EpicMix to bring together the digital and physical experience of skiing and riding and make it easy to share your story with friends and family.

With this product, racers will be able to automatically compare their race times with U.S. Ski Team athlete Lindsey Vonn, with gold, silver and bronze medals that can then be posted on the users twitter or facebook.  Katz says:

Working with World Champion ski racer Lindsey Vonn, we have completely redesigned how skiers can fully utilize the latest digital technology to compare themselves against the very best, seamlessly track and share all of their accomplishments and compete against racers from six world-class resorts.

By skiers and ski racers using this application, they are able to feel connected to the infamous Lindsey Vonn by comparing times and receiving medals.  By Lindsey Vonn not only being looked at as a role model that skiers and ski racers can connect to, she help design the application knowing what type of things young racers like to connect to.  Lindsey Vonn says:

Growing up racing, I always looked forward to telling the stories of my races and being able to track my progress and see how my friends were doing. The opportunity to make that happen using the latest technology in social media is absolutely the right next step for ski racing and I was thrilled to be able to work with Vail Resorts to make this happen.

Ways in which that this product could be made better is advertising it during World Cup Races, or advertisements on the Vail Resorts twitter and facebook pages.  More skiers, ski racers, and skiers of the Vail Resorts area will have a higher opportunity to being exposed to EpicMix and the product could therefor make more money.

Social Media and Sports

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Game Changer