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Too Much, Too Young

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Obviously, Sondra and her children are being hurt, because she cannot make enough money for the payments to allow her two oldest children to participate in their community  youth baseball team. The community sport is also facing a crisis, if they continue to increase their funding requirements, then they too may lose youth participants.

A good alternative that could help Sondra out, would be to  allow her kids to participate in the community youth sport team and have her set up a bill-pay where she pays a minimum fee over the season until she has paid off the fees for her children. If she does not keep up with the payments then they could talk to Sondra and explain that her children may not be allowed to participate further in their youth baseball team. The director of the public recreation center could offer some reasons why the payments are so costly, possibly state where Sondra’s money is being put to good use such as facility fees that are required to be paid.

That means the club has boosted its participation fees by $50 per athlete, she continued, which is difficult to charge considering that many of the club’s kids come from one-income families getting by on about $1,500 a month. George B. Sánchez, 2008. 

Allowing Sondra’s children to participate and be involved in sport activities for a low cost could really benefit them. But, the recreation already offers $25 discount for multiple children from the same family, either way the justice approach would be the most influential decision to make.  The recreation director could also refer Sondra and her kids to seek donations from supporters who are in partnership with the community youth sport league. That way Sondra’s kids can participate and the bills get paid.