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Can Detroit Support a New Arena

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Detroit, as we all know is in shambles, public institutions and services are falling apart, the art museum is being sold piece by piece and yet Detroit’s mayor, Rick Snyder, has approved the construction of a new Red Wings arena. This news comes shortly after the city declared bankruptcy. This $650 million stadium (half of which is public funds) will be the third publicly funded major stadium along with the Lion’s stadium and the Tiger’s stadium. Both built on the premise of investing in the future, Snyder is now promising the same. The problem is the first two were not only unsuccessful but they also exacerbated the the central issues Detroit is facing.In a city that can hardly afford to fund hospitals and schools how can it afford another stadium for a team that sucks (Avs Fan!):) This is just another case of billionaire team owners cutting line to public funding regardless of the public’s interests.

Building new stadiums can sometimes be easier when times are hard, do to its unifying affect for the city. For example game attendance usually increases after a disaster or tragedy.  Whenever a new Major Sorts project is breaking ground we must ask ourselves was this what is best for the future of residents and fans or was it schemed up by corporate moguls who have politicians in their pockets.