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Everybody wants money

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

First we have to recognize the ethical issue which is, Sondra does not have the funds to afford baseball for her two children, the fee is $75 per child and the director of the rec center will not help Sondra financially.  Even though the league offers a $25 discount for families with multiple children playing in the sport, the rec center had recent budget cuts and there for were not willing to help. Sondra was  also told that sport participation is a privilege not a right.

There are a few alternatives that could possibly work if the rec center is willing to change there policy on financial aid. My first alternative would be house holds that have single parents and multiple children entering into a sport, the fee should be two for the price of one, so it should only be $75 for two kids, that rule will only apply for single parents. Another alternative i have thought of is allowing parents to make small payments at the beginning of each month until the full amount is covered. That way single parents such as Sondra do not have to pay for the entire fee up front, she has time to make the money and in return her children are able to participate in sports.

Both of these alternatives would have to be voted for by the rec center and then tested once the season has started. If parents are given multiple payments at the beginning of each month, and they are all making their payments on time, then it should be a option for those that are single parents with multiple children. On the other hand, if the rec center is seeing a major decline in profit due to the alternative, two for the price of one, that might not be the best option for the rec center. I believe if this rec center is willing to work with these alternatives, there will be more parents that are able to pay for their children to play, and in return more money will be flowing in. [youtube][/youtube]