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Madrid and two way sport communication

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

When browsing around the real Madrid website, I noticed that the website not only targets football (soccer) fans, but it targets basketball fans as well. While browsing, the only two way communication that could take place is on the social networking accounts that the Madrid Teams have. The social networks that the real Madrid team participate in, include Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The organization probably understands that the people live in social networking world and therefore created all these accounts to stay in touch with the people.  Two way communication also occurs on the “contact us” tab on the website. The contact us tab offers telephone numbers and emails at which people could contact “customer services” and provide feedback or ask questions. Another example of two way communication, would be the fact the website was translated into English from the original version which was in Spanish.  This is a perfect example of understanding the culture and language of the people. Most of their fans are from Madrid, so the original version of the website should be in the native language of the country.

When comparing the Madrid website to a U.S sport organization, I chose the New York Knicks Official website. This website was similar to the Madrid website in some ways. The Knicks website did include a “contact us” tab and did offer the team’s official social networking accounts. The only difference in the social networking accounts was that Instagram and Pinterest was included. The Knicks website also offers a “connect” tab, that allows the public to connect in some way with the New York Knicks. For example, the public could download the “Knicks App”. This Knicks app sends fans scores, latest news, and latest photos directly to their phones. The Knicks understand that the world runs off of social networking and the fact that everyone has a cell phone, so they are providing ways to stay in touch with society.  This Connect tab also provided the fans to sign up for email updates and SMS updates. The best example of two way communication was the website allows the public to comment on all the uploaded videos, photos, and articles that the website provides. The website did not do a  good job of being able to translate the website into another language, but in its defense, most of the New York Knicks fans base is U.S. Americans whose 1st language is more than likely English. Another commonality within the two websites, was the fact that they both offer a way to reach out to the community through some type of foundation that encourages the athletes/organization to give back to the community.

All in all, there is forms of two way communication that is occurring, but not enough of it. The organizations need more two way communication taking place. There needs to be a way, the public and fans can provide input to the organization they cheer and in some way financially support. Not only does the input need to be provided, there needs to be a way the input is actually heard and considered.