Demonstrating Competency: Multimodal Composition

This semester, I was able to excel at creating multimodal texts. Writer/Designer was a great resource for constructing text in new and exciting ways that I had never experienced before. Having the book and reading it is one thing, but putting what I read to practice was a whole different animal.

During the construction of my (Re)Writing History website, I was careful to include all of the design elements found in chapter 2 of Writer/Designer. I now recognize that the words that are written on the page have a lot of importance, but the visual elements that can be added stick in people’s minds as well. Below I have included photos from my webpage to demonstrate that I have utilized the affordance of my Writer/Designer¬†text.

 Alignment alignment

Notice that the order in which elements on the page are laid out oblige your eyes to track it in a certain way. Having text and imagery in line with one and other not only makes a document look better, but it also makes it easier to read.


Contrast is another important visual element that will make writing readable. The existence of the dark menu on the left with the text and the white background gives my webpage contrast and helps catch the eyes of the reader.


Since writing is active, meaning it is trying to get the reader to do or understand something, emphasis is an important element of design to include in a text. I have emphasized words in my work that reflect the findings of my research as well as the argument that I wanted to make. On top of that, I used the words continuously throughout the project in order to get them to stick in my readers’ minds.


The way that a document is organized is crucial to it being understood. Text and visual elements need to be carefully placed in order to give readers the best picture of what it is you are trying to say.

As shown, I have been able to develop my skills as a writer by incorporating visual elements into my projects. I now have the awareness that it is not only the text talking in the papers that we write.

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