What to Let Go of Before Reading

Inorder to receive anything from the stories in the book “Authoring Your Life” by Marcia B. Baxter-Magolda or any book for that matter. You have to let go of all of your pre-dispositions and views towards the subjects covered in the book. Go into the reading with an open mind and be willing to learn from the experiences that these people have had. Whether you learn something about educational or occupational paths, relationships, or simply finding your internal voice; it will be much easier to receive helpful/useful information from a text if you are willing to accept new views and ideas.

Kurt and Mark

I’ve decided to use both Kurt’s story and Mark’s story in my research paper. I will be comparing the different reactions they have to similar situations that occur throughout the course of their lives. I also plan on analyzing what the possible reasons for their different reactions are. This includes anything from their relationships life to their chosen career path.

Possible Outside Sources

I have spent the majority of the past week rereading Authoring Your Life by Marcia B. Baxter Magolda. This time was spent collecting information on her various test subjects and determining which two would be the most useful for my specific project. Along with this I have been trying to find sites and other sources that will be helpful in my paper. Several have been found, some that could be useful to me and my peers were introduced to my Composition 150 class by Bill last year. Two of these include the piece of writing Only Connect by William Cronon and the book On Caring by Milton Mayeroff. Links for more information on these can be found on my blog. Check them out, hopefully they can help. Good luck everyone!

Proposed Idea 2

My second idea for a research project focuses on the struggle of overcoming obstacles both emotionally and “physically” in the real world. I believe that it would be interesting to compare the way that males and females handle these things. In the book there are a number of stories from the male point of view and just the same there are several from the female point of view. These stories will obviously be helpful but it would also be beneficial to use real life examples to further your ideas.

Proposed Idea 1

My first idea incorporates everything that we have been working on in class regarding argument. By this I mean the different types of arguments present in various chapters/people in the book. More specifically how effective the author Marcia B. Baxter Magolda is at using these arguments to make her theme/purpose for writing these stories clear. It may be useful to evaluate whether or not the arguments used are successful in furthering Magolda’s purpose, and whether or not a different type of argument would be better.