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In  Authoring Your Life, most of the interviewees try to please the people around them in order to make themselves “happy”. Take Dawn’s story for example. Dawn is so worried about how the people around her will react to her coming out that she decides to not and keep it to herself. This decision affected her well being and the outcome may have been different had she decided to do what was best for her rather than worrying about how others might react to the news.  My research would focus on how pleasing others first affects our well being rather than pleasing ourselves first.

4 thoughts on “My Research Project

  1. I think that everyone in class was struggling with defining happiness and if it was truly present in the book. For me an interviewee may say they are happy but it is hard to correlate two different definitions of happiness. You could make a definitional argument on happiness, but I think that it would be easier to say that they try to please others in order to reflect their self worth. You could use Kurt’s story as an example of this. I think that you wanted to use Dawn’s story still you could also adjust your statement to say that pleasing people causes an individual an illusion of truth, but in reality truth is what reflects internal voice and not others. Maybe this will help you because I think your topic was a bit vague and needed a little COLLABORATION 🙂 Good Luck!

    Dominique Wilson

  2. I found a magazine article that ties into the book as well. Well at least I think it does. The magazine is called ,Natural Health, November/ December issue. Here is a quote from an article ( Find Your Gratitude): ” Since joy and gratitude are so closely linked, one of the ways to develop your capacity for gratitude is to expand your capacity of joy.” It states that,” the first step is to recognize and embrace joy, is to train yourself to notice when you’re happy. Think about what you can do to consciously evoke positive memories.” If you want more information on the article I could send you some more.
    Starr Nickoson

  3. Philip’s story ties into your research. On page 39, “… determined to succeed in life… knew what he wanted, and was willing to wait and work to get it.”

    I don’t have my book with me or else I would give you the exact quote. I hope this will help.


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