Feedback for Proposed Themes

As part of the proposed reform of general education, the GEC is proposing to incorporate thematic perspectives. Each thematic perspective offers students a “package” of transferable general education courses focused around the overarching theme.

To facilitate faculty feedback and discussion, this blog will be open for comments until the end of May. We hope that you will take this opportunity to provide your thoughts.

The proposed themes are as follows:

Historical and Global Perspectives
Courses in this theme MAY at differences in people and place – cultural, racial, linguistic, historical and geographical – and how they shape who we are and where we live

Human Ideas and Expression
Courses in this theme MAY look at the evolution of human ideas and modes of expression within local, regional and global populations

Justice, Policy and Ethics
Courses in this theme MAY focus on ethics and justice and how they inform the policies that deal with humans and natural environments

Science, the Environment and Sustainability
Courses in this theme MAY focus on the understanding of natural systems, including those of animals, plants and their physical environments, the connections between the health and vitality of the natural environment and human communities and the connections between human activities and environmental conditions

Health and Wellness
Courses in this theme MAY focus on the study of physical and emotional wellness and the interconnectedness of the two, on understanding of the human body and factors that improve or negatively impact physical and emotional health and how health and wellness impact quality of life and longevity

Thank you for your feedback.

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