I have read three articles in the book, Language by Gita DasBender. Out of the three I read, two of them were very connected to each other. Both of the article were how language changes over tie and how slang can be used so much that eventually the word is considered to be an actual word, and then saved into the dictionary. The first article, “”Oh My Lady Gaga! This Is So Geilivable!” Chinglish Entering Globish?” By Jin Zhao is how words on social media, such as “smilence” are used to combine meanings to make one new meaning. Smilence means when someone is smiling emotionally, but have a straight face. They’re smiling in silence, hence: smilence. And also another term “Oh my lady gaga!” has spread around too. It is a funnier version of the common saying “Oh my god!” It is more laid back and is used in very comical moments in everyday life. Over time, more and more recognition was going to Chinese social media. The New York Times and a british paper both began to recognize the new words how how they have been implemented into actual every day language use just by being targeted to a mainstream audience. Another article, “On Language Nerds and Nags” by Lane Greene is also about how new words can either make it into the dictionary or not. He explains how words can die down in culture right before a dictionary is published and it can just be forgotten entirely. On the other hand he explains how new words can find their way into the dictionary and stay within our future forever. Overall I found these article very enlightening on my understanding of the development of language over time.

First Post


Hello! I’m Gino Poli. I’m a student here at Fort Lewis College. I am enrolled into a COMP 250 class and have been learning how to perform extensive research in order to better myself as a scholar, peer, apprentice, and person. So far I have enjoyed my time here at The Fort and hope to share my newly accounted knowledge from my COMP 250 course with you! I’ll also be doing more extensive research to learn how to format my blogs in a more professional way, and get better over time. I hope to make my account somewhat exciting for people to read to have people visit the page again in the future. I have never blogged before and I am really excited to see what I learn from these weekly/ frequent blogs. I have had experience on other sights such as Facebook, and Twitter, but I have not blogged in any professional way yet. As time goes on, I want to be able to make blogs very quickly, but also learn how to make more quality posts too. I hope that this experience gives me another useful skill that I may be able to use int he future in beneficial ways. I am still trying to figure out what the tone of my blogs is going to be. I do not know whether to take a professional tone, or to take a more laid back, and causal tone with my posts. My personality is more laid back so I will find a median tone that I can work off of and establish a permanent tone for my blogs to retain consistency, and writing style. Overall, I hope to connect with fellow bloggers and to better myself as a writer in the process. I hope you enjoyed this read and hope to see more of you in the future as well!