Language Is Order!!!


As I continue my adventure through the book Language, it has occurred to me that language is larger then I thought. It is the soul device which allows us to exchange emotion, arguments, and information. Language has been around since, and allowed for the formation of civilization.

Language mimics humanity as is evolves and progresses through time. As Technology advances it brings the varying sects of language closer together, allowing humanity to become fully understanding of one another. While reading through this book I am finding english has become the generic language of the world. It was so fascinating to me! I spent the last two hours studying that specific part of the book.


Only 26 characters

Simple characters

 – British colonization

Books and media

 Trade language

The Global British Empire!

The language English began its formation back in the Roman empire. This has become apparent due to the english having a latin based alphabet. The base of the language formed into the germanic languages. One of these became english which began in Britannia. It was semi simple language with only 26 characters. It differs from numerous other languages that used thousands of characters.

The English alphabetical structure is simple in nature. It requires very easy motions to form the characters, unlike complex characters such as in Chinese or Japanese language. For example ” hi ” is easier to write then ” 你好 “.

In the year 1492 the commercial revolution began, by the mid 1740’s the British had initiated colonization around the globe. Over the next century  the world would gaze upon the empire on which the sun never sets( British empire). The empire would circumvent the world with english language and culture dominating it. With the inevitable sunset on the empire, the english language would stay, and parasitically manifest itself within the  former colonies. It would become many nations and eventually the worlds second language.

Many nation’s text books are not in their native tongue. This is due to  textbooks being produced in the USA, further more english has become the language for science. So in many foreign nations, the classes are conducted in english.  amidst the need for more english teachings, the native language begins to dissolve. Such as in India were english is rapidly growing due to the countries industrialization   and the need for knowledge. Even in the media of foreign nation’s numerous TV and radio stations are in english.

Two foreign women protesting in english.
Two foreign women protesting in english.






English had become the trade language of the world. This is making the efficiency if trade peak. Even with China’s rapid approach to becoming the largest economy in the world, English will stay the universal trade language. Why is this? Its simple for critical reasons.

  • Most of the world already knows english
  • Its easier to write in english
  • its faster to learn then Chinese
  • China’s biggest trade partner are english speaking countries.



Language For My Future


  I am a Double Major in both Political science and history. I hope to one day enter the political spectrum. I am searching for laungage that will help me improve both in speech, and understanding historical documents.

Chapters that peaked my interest

  • Which is the best language to learn. I feel this is important because it will allow me to communicate to a majority of the worlds population.
  • Writing for a audience.  This could be significant when I run political office. Also when I write my history thesis.
  • Don’t call me homophobic: The complexity of Thats so gay. This peaks my interest, because as a gay republican it will be difficult to get my party to support me. However I believe they will be astonished at the success I will Achieve!
  • Words as Weapons. This caught my eye quickly! The idea that I could politicly devastate the opposition by stabbing a verbal dagger in their back excites me.
  • Politically Correct Animal Language. This is important because the country is becoming way to over sensitive!
  • The Dirtiest of the words on capital hill ” Racism” Based on the description in the book it couldn’t be  more true, Democrats always seek to call people a racist or a homophobe . . . I have even been called a homophobe, and I find it halriously  ironic!
  • When the Media is the Disaster. As a political scientist I can tell when the media is making things much bigger then they need  to be.
  • Politics and the English Language. This is key considering this is the language most of my future work will be done in.
  • Conquer English to make China Strong. This is showing it will be easier to communicate in all fields thanks to english being taut Globally.
  • Death by Monoculture. As a history major we are seeing history being destroyed by the disappearance of local language. However history is also being created  with the unity english is brining.

And So We Have an Agreement!


In this post I will be talking and highlighting what the scholars and I discussed in class.

  • Pay attention to fudementals
  • Sweat the details
  • Social agreements are conventions
  •  Don’t fight the rules of the game
  • Agency = the power to choose
  • Master conventions
  • when entering a community you start as a novice
  • Work your way up for Change
  • Nature being driven by social convention
  • make Room for others voices
  • taking good notes increases our wealth of writing
  • Craft an Essay

Mondays Discussion was instrumental in using the fundamentals to our advantage within our writings. The first topic that was discussed was seating the details. This meant in our writings do not hold back on evidence or the tiny details, because if it supports your claim more power to you!

Many details left untapped bury vast potential!

   The discussion then evolved into social arguments and conventions. This topic consumed a large amount of the class, it also resurfaced throughout the rest of the conversations. A convention is a social agreement ( Gentlemen’s Agreement), this is a oral or written agreement between parties on how actions are to be portrayed or acted upon. For example in football the NFL has a Convention to see what should and shouldn’t be allowed in the game. It also sets universal guidelines for how the sport is played. A larger example of a social convention lies within the rules of war. A majority of countries have agreed not use Chemical, biological, or Nuclear weapons in warfare.  The only thing stopping them from using them is their good name. In order to make these gentlemen’s agreement more powerful they can become laws, as a matter of fact most laws come from social agreements.

One of the most important Social agreements of the 20th C. Geneva Convention

    With every social convention there is a community behind it. These communities govern the social agreement. For example the NFL governs the Rules for Professional football. Upon entering a new Community you become classified as a novice. As novice you do not have the right to change how the game is played ( not just NFL but social conventions in general). However it is encouraged to question how the Social agreement is being conducted. As you work your way up the community and Master the convention, you gain the write to change it as you please. Distinguishing your self as a master of a social agreement will earn you respect within that field.

The power you get becoming the Top!

   Social conventions are every were in society. I can argue that Social agreements run society. When looking around yourself everyday you see people waving to each other, fallowing the rules signs propagate, and going to work. People did not act like this in the beginning of our sentience. However a handful of people collaborated to gather and formed a social agreement on how people should act. In  the beginning these social conventions were laws to tell people, no cutting in line, take your shoes off upon entering a building etc.. Over time these laws were removed and the Idea of this social contract has been embedded in our society. Now this how people act naturally, all thanks to a few small parties developing a social agreement.

Near the the resolution of our discussion we shifted focus directly back to our writing. We discussed the importance on putting other peoples voices into our papers. This will allow us to disassemble their argument and further ours, or it will support our claim. Along with adding others voice to our writings, another effortless way to improve our works of writing   is to take good notes. This will allow the the intertwining of ideas to become more efficent. I will use my fresh knowledge in the construction of my nearest paper.

Arguments!… With a Little Help From Modern Communication


The Idea of Arguing ones case has been around for countless millennia. As man was evolving so was our ability to argue with one another more creatively. Early into the twenty first century arguments are every were, in your words, on the Tv and in all other forms of media… Hell we even have them on our clothing. One might ask what has caused this crusade of arguments? The answer is the big five.


  1. Visual: This consist of images, diagrams and layout.
  2. Aural: Or for us normal people sound, music, and tone.
  3. Linguistic: The delivery of a written work, organization of text, and understanding of words.
  4. Spatial:  This is how your Argument is laid out, and organized.
  5. Gestural: expression through the body, body language, facial expressions and hand gestures.

BANG The Birth of the Multimodal Universe 



The great birth of the multimodal universe to my calculations occurred in very beginning of the twenty first century. With most Humans at this time having obtained their own computers and a direct connection to the web. This critical point allowed all people to interact and seed their ideas world wide.

In the small gap of time that has past there is media from every one every were pushing there own agenda. Let us have some examples.



photo 1


BY Garrett Flicker

The first test subject is trying very hard to get the audiences attention, and get convince them to redeploy themselves to the parade of homes. This flyer uses 3 of the 5 communications. The first thing I notice is the decent size house in the background, it looks nice and new so I’m drawn to it. The Visual is now working. the second thing I notice is the bold writing and the phone number. The spatial and Linguistic has now enveloped me in its intellectual shroud. I have come to the conclusion that Subject A1 has been successful in its mission.


photo 2


By Garrett Flicker ( with Bill Mangrum, and Anna Chambers)

SubJect B2 has all the same forms of communication going for it that Subject 1A has, plus one more. The Gestural adds allot more argument for the flyers. This is because when in a face to face conversation 60% or more of the conversation is done through body language, facial expressions, and hand gestures. Plus you now also have a person trying to convince you of the information on the flyers. Subject B2 is very successful!


So what part 2


The second part of So What consist of chapters five through ten. the subjects of these chapters are.

  • How do we support arguments?
  • What about faults and gaps in arguments?
  • How do we develop and organize arguments
  • How do we use sources Responsibly?
  • What about style?

By the time I had started to  read the second half of the book I was very bored with it. However I pressed on through reading it , I pleasantly discovered numerous abilities that will assist me in the organization of my arguments. Such as in chapter seven filling in the gaps. It did not occur to me that even after I have produced a final product i should continue to find parts that are weak in supporting my argument, and give them more evidence to further my argument. This was also one of my favorite parts of the book.




The First half of SO What?


Chapters one through five held very critical information in my opinion. This is because I am majoring in History and political science so the chapters. Why do we argue?, how do we argue?, how do we read arguments, and what’s a good source, are all directly beneficial to my major.

So What also features  many multimodal presentations, especially allot of imagery. One  of my favorite images comes from the chapter How do we argue.

Inductive Proof Matriz

This is not the exact image, how ever its very similar.

The image was very appealing to me, because it goes to show that a the structure for a argument is a cycle.

The Big Five!


In order to keep all audiences focused on your project/presentation. You have to create strong multimodal communitcation in order to keep you entire audience focused. There are five parts the multimodal communication. Linguistic, visual, spatial, Aural , Gestural. If used together they can form a masterpiece, However if one of the areas are weaker then the other it will all fall apart like a cracked fish tank.

The introduction to multimodal projects


When I began reading the first chapter on multimodal projects, I had no idea what is was going to be about. Very shortly into my investigation of the first chapter I found that multimodal media surronds me and my every day life. I see it on websites, magazines, the news … You name it.  I wonder if i will live a day when I don’t see a multimodal project.

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