The Ecstasy of Agriculture

You start your day at six o’clock in the morning. There is not an option to sleep in; your animals will not allow it. Walk outside into the chilly exhilarating dawn and rejoice in knowing that you have no idea what the day holds. This is the ecstasy of agriculture. We are at a time in our lives when we make one of the most important choices of our lives, that to do with ourselves, how to make our mark on the world, who we will be. There is one undervalued profession that will bring a life of excitement and happiness, agriculture.dscn0983(rev 1)

Working in agriculture is no your run of the mill profession. There are no health benefits, job security, retirement after twenty years, or set vacations. If these are what you are looking for in a job you might as well stop reading here. Agriculture offers something more, a life of excitement, ownership in your work, quality community, and because of all these things happiness.
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When you are working with life you have no choice but to identify with it. This is the beauty of working in agriculture. In any business in which your products are inanimate objects if you break one or make a mistake it is no big deal, you can build another. In agriculture if you mess up things die. There is no room for mistakes. This makes you take ownership in your work for only your best effort has any chance of success, and when you do succeed and see the beauty you have helped to create, ultimate satisfaction. Agriculture becomes your lifestyle not just a job and before long it is not really work at all.

The ownership agriculturalists have in their work has one amazing side effect, it creates quality people. If you go to someone’s farm you can judge them by it with reasonable accuracy. They spend all of their time on their land so if it is a wreck it is a good indication that they are two. For most agriculturists this is not the case the wrecks usually do not make it and end up working at McDonald. Of all of the people I know the people I have the most respect for and who are my role models are agriculturist. Oh and if you are planning on raising a family I know of no better way to instill responsibility and work ethic in children than to have them raise some of their animal of their own.


The excitement of agriculture comes straight from Mother Nature herself. Agriculturists work directly with the earth an ever-changing medium. While another job may offer the stability of a fixed system it pales in comparison to the joy agriculture’s erratic lifestyle offers. No day in agriculture is the same as the last. The changes can be as large as the seasons, calves starting to be born, or an unexpected grass fire; or the unexpected can be subtle, an unexpected flower or rare bird. There is joy in every minute of discovery.

Agriculture is not a nine to five job, it is hard work and at some point allot of your animals will probably die. But the rewards that come from working it are incalculable. Agriculturist own their work, and even though it is harder to socialize the people you will meet are the salt of the earth, people you can trust, the hours are long but no two are the same they are filled with discovery, excitement, and creativity. I cannot imagine a life without agriculture because it is AWESOME. So as you are making one of the greatest choices of your life, think on what values you hold dearest. If you want ownership in your work, quality community, and excitement, chose to be an agriculturist.

Annotated Reading Plan

1. I am first going to read the entirety of the article while highlighting interesting sections and circling any words of phrases I do not understand.
a. I will use different colors of highlighter one for thoughts I agree with and one for when I disagree.
i. Agree
ii. Disagree
2. After I have read and highlighted the entire article I will go back through it writing down my thoughts on the sections I have highlighted and looking up any words I do not know.

My Scholarship

Gunther Ott

I have new appreciation for learning since I have come back to school after two years off. Knowledge has taken on new dimensions for me. I no longer have to take classes because I have no other choice now I am motivated by pure thirst for learning. I am majoring in environmental and organismic biology one of the offshoots of Fort Lewis College’s biology program. I am not yet into the meat of my major but love the classes that I have. I am currently taking Organismic and Evolutionary Biology the starter course for all biology majors that deals with all of the basics giving a good understanding of the overall field of biology. I am taking Rhetoric and Research one of the required english classes all incoming freshmen take. It gives scholars a strong base of understanding of academic writing for their college careers. My last class is Moral Philosophy a broad philosophy course that gives scholars a broad taste of moral theory suited to help them make good decisions in every day life. All of my classes are engaging and difficult. I am learning faster than I ever have and feeling smarter by the day.

reflections on class 29 Oct 2014

In class today we talked about our progression in learning. It is a mistake to believe that you will be learning completely new tings in a college writing class. Instead you simply build on and refine the knowledge of writing you already posses. We discussed the specific example of argument. Humans argue from the day we are born. We are constantly trying to find new and more convincing way to get our point across. It start when we are infants screaming to get attention, then comes the toddler throwing a tantrum to get toys, the teen explaining why they just have to have a new bike. Now we are in college and a higher degree of persuasion is expected. We are building on the scaffold of your past experiences to develop the refined persuasion we will need in life.

In class free write

I enjoyed having time in class to write whatever came into my mind. I could see my thought process written out. It was fun to be able to day dream in class and get away with it. I also found that it helped my thoughts develop more rapidly as I could look back on my ideas in their original form and improve on them. I spent our first fifteen minutes mulling over an idea I have of building a lake kayak for fishing. I had done some research the previous day and had not seen what I was looking for for sale. I now have a much clearer picture of what I want.
The twenty minute writing, about my left foot, candy, and the end of the world was fun because it made me stop thinking about serious topics and be creative in a nonsensical way. My ideas went onto the paper in a similar way to how I dream. They made leaps in logic that are not logical but do make some kind of strange sense. A well-known example of this kind of logic is Loony Toons, Buggs Bunny always does thing that completely defy physics but somehow make sense, you can predict what is going to happen beforehand, and it is extremely entertaining. Our second writing took on a similar format.

Class notes 24 September 2014

Bill- you are always my most energetic class at two pm.
Luke- we are so energetic because we just woke up.
Bill- if I give you two hours to write a paper and it only takes you twenty minutes I still want you to work for two hours.
Rearranging paragraphs is important
Arrangement, how do I say what I want to say
How is your audience introduced to the subject?
The order in which your audience encounters the information is important.
If you are going to advance as a scholar, spend the amount of time you are asked to spend on a project.
Friday assignment in groups read pages 1-11 in writing about writing aloud. Take turns. If someone is reading to fast slow them down. When finished start over reading different passages. Go back and find a hard paragraph to study. Rewrite some of the sentences in it.
We struggle with reading because we think we know how to read.
Knowing how to use something does not mean you know how it works.
Don’t jump to conclusions.
You should be able to pay some much attention to the text that you know what the author will write next before they write it.
Bean-there is science that if we hit a word we do not understand our brains tend to glade over and miss some of the text.
Bill- if we can go back and find those words and study them we can learn allot.
Readability index will tell you how many passive sentences you have.
-play with the readability index
–passive sentences
–grade level understanding
We want people to be comfortable with reading.
One of the biggest resistances to learning is shyness.
Go on the internet and search for the NCTE national council for teachers of English- students’ rights to their own language.
It is not bad to end sentences with prepositions.
Understand the choices you make in your writing.
Gain knowledge so you can help others
Logos, ethos pathos
Understand how the speaker the audience and the message work together.

Conversation Chart


For allot of talking not much was said. The question is to straight forward. I much prefer philosophy were the questions are much more complex and controversial. This discussion seemed like more of a way to fill the science. I did not learn a ton. Although I do have a hangover so my opinion may be biased. We did not cover new and interesting ground that would have stimulated me. The reason I did not speak was I did not feel I had anything new or original to add to the conversation.

Class Notes: 22 September 2014

• What is academic inquiry?
• To Query
• To Question, to search, to investigate
• To show your curiosity
• We are inquiring
• What have we done in class that is academic inquiry?
• Academic inquiry a query in an academic environment
• Academic inquiry, inquiry more structured
• A query that relates to a genre.
• Query is spelled with an e not an i
• Query asking searching investigating
• This is a regular inquiry not academic
• Inquiry is more of a verb

My class notes 10 September 2014

Research is about caring for others.
Everyone has different views papers get tossed if you do not make room for others views.
It is almost impossible to not be biased.
The more we understand what we believe the better we can debate with others.
Know how to get in touch with your professors
Office hours: Noble 234 Tuesday 11:00-5:00
If the door is open go on in and have a seat.
If you want to borrow a book make a note of it and leave it on the desk.
Work with me we are colleagues.
I am in class because I believe we need young people to learn – it is not about grades.
Shift the focus away from grades
Writing is a belief in the power of language
Words, sounds
Humans have always made sounds we attach them to objects. A word is a sound before it is a word. Writing records sound writing is like music. Good writing is an attention to sound.

MY CLASS NOTES: 8 September 2014

If your cellphone goes off in class you have to bring in candy for everyone as an apology.
Qualitative analysis:
Participating in and observing an event. We are researching this class.
Take the most basic thought, pull it apart and put it back together; extend it in a new way
Deepen your ideas
Scholars are looking for a capacity to deepen.
What are you thinking explain it in a new way.
Every act of writing is practicing with your brain.
Words are nothing but an agreement.
Participate and observe the act of revising it is an opportunity to practice your writing.
“We learn to be to good at playing school” Sidney.
Writing is a processes take exhaustive notes. You will learn what is important after you take the notes.
We learn to write by writing.
Ethics of audio recording, let us know if you are recording us beforehand.

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