Does Politically Correctness go to far?


What does Politically Correctness mean?

Politically Correctness also know as PC is defined “as the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against. “  An example of being PC would be calling an American with African heritage an “African American” instead of the “N” word or instead of “Indian” calling that person a “Native American.”.  But, today PC has evolved into so many other things.  Students who ask for safe spaces on college campuses to keep themselves away from ridicule, criticism, and differing opinions.  If you’re pro PC you claim that being PC defends minorities and creates more equality using semantics, by changing people’s maps.  If you’re anti-PC you claim that PC language stifles free speech and tries to change people’s maps so that they are all similar.  According to Jesse Walker we need to drop the term PC because PC can now mean so many things, besides using phrases that don’t offended or degrade people.

Writing is Conversation


On Monday October 26 we discussed the differences between talking in person and writing a paper.  Both are essential the same thing.  But how come our writing seems to be so much worse than when we argue in conversation?  Some reasons why are:

  • Cory: We don’t want to sound stupid in face to face conversations, but don’t give as much information in papers.
  • Danny: We try to break down smaller details first, not the big picture.
  • Franziska: Blogging and talking are easier without the standards that are in papers.

So how can we solve these problems?

  • Danny: Focus on the big picture first, then on smaller details.
  • Just write, you have the editing and revising parts of writing for a reason.  The rough draft shouldn’t be your final draft.
  • Bill: Writing is just a conversation with you and your sources.



Power in Interaction


Last night at the lecture of Dead Man Walking by Sister Helen Prejean I was  informed of my lack of awareness about the Death Penalty.  At the lecture Sister Helen Prejean talked about her experience going through her first execution.  The execution of Elmo Patrick “Pat” SonnierPat Sonnier and his brother Eddie James Sonnier were sentenced to death by the electric chair for the rape and murder of Loretta Ann Bourque, 18, and the murder of David LeBlanc, 17.   Even after hearing of the Sonnier brother’s horrendous crime, she still believed that the death penalty was to harsh.  What I found really interesting was when she talked about her interaction with David LeBlanc’s father Lloyd LeBlanc.  Talking with Lloyd about the execution she discovers that Lloyd doesn’t want to execute Pat.  His reason he didn’t want the hatred of Pat to kill him as well, saying “Forgiveness means saving your own life, and not letting the hatred overcome you.”  Another fact I found interesting was how before becoming part of the Catholic Church and before the Gospel influenced her way of thinking, was that she never question Southern Segregation in Louisiana.  Sister Helen Prejean to me came off as someone who cared about everyone’s well being, regardless of what the person has done in the past, or what their faith is.  From the lecture her quote “Love is the way to the Divine” seems to be something she lives her life by.  A interesting link I found while researching Dead Man Walking, was that the same year Sister Helen met Pat Sonnier, American Rock legend Bruce Springsteen released his 6th album Nebraska.  The title song Nebraska tells the story of Serial killers Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate.  The song is a protest against the use of the death penalty.  Bruce Springsteen was later asked to write the song for the film of Dead Man Walking. 














Class and Jumping Jacks


On Monday, September 23, 2014 I walked into Bill’s Comp. 250 class, wondering what new interesting experience I would have in class.  That new experience turned out to be jumping jacks to start the class.  Then the actually “learning” of composition started.

  • Fundamentals will make your paper better
  • “Sweat the details, pay attention to form, identify convention”

Conventions and Disciplines

  • Conventions=system of rules in a discipline that gives order
  • Conventions are not written in the sky by God, they are agreed upon by professionals in the discipline.
  • Scholars must stop fighting against the rules of the game, they say they want to play
  • You can choose the game you play, master conventions before questioning them
  • When you start a discipline you start as a novice, as you continue discipline you gain authority, authority lets you challenge conventions
  • Disciplines advance when they’re conventions are challenged
  • Jordan Beton propose that there are more than just one conventions in disciplines.  One based on skill, one on rules. For, example in the game of soccer a five year old is held to the same rules as a professional soccer player but, a professional soccer player is held to higher conventions of skill than a five year old.
  • As you go through school you are held to a higher standard as you progress
  • Following rules can be a life or death situation depending on the profession
  • Personal writing style is a way of breaking writing conventions
  • Questions should not be construed as resistance


  • You can’t  change conventions till you master it, but you should still question
  • Be critically aware of every situation you are involved in
  • Cory Saxon read Lone Survivor by Marcus Lutterll
  • Marcus talked himself through his desperate situation
  • We think by internalizing the voices in our head (sounds creepy, but normal)
  • Class conversations improve writing, talking and improve conventions
  • We learn how to talk and question together


Conventions are rules used to organize professions.  There are conventions used for rules, to keep discipline, and conventions based on skills.  You can question conventions, and can even change the conventions when you master the profession.


Walking Advertisment


Do you give free advertisements for companies?  You might think that you don’t, because you aren’t in meeting rooms thinking about billboard signs or TV commercials.  But, what you wear is free advertisement for those companies, bands and even schools.

photo - Copy (2)

What does this shirt argue?  It’s pretty oblivious that the person wearing this is letting you know how high the elevation of Colorado is.  But, with marijuana recently being legalized it’s saying something along the lines of everyone in Colorado is high and not just because they live at high elevation.

photo 1

The student wearing this Rebelution shirt is making a statement that they like reggae music and Rebelution is one of their favorite bands.

photo 2

This shirt being worn by a scholar on campus makes the statement that the scholar probably attends Fort Lewis College and is stoked to being going to college there.

All these shirts are free advertisement for Fort Lewis College, Rebelution, and the state of Colorado.

Speaking to Stupid



When writing a blog, class paper, or article you can’t blame your audience for not understanding you.  You have to write simple clear sentences that your audience can understand.  In other words keep it simple stupid.  Knowing who your audience is will help.  The author of The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald probably didn’t consider kindergarteners as his audience and could use bigger, more sophisticated words. That being said most people don’t like a writer who uses fancy words to sound smart, In Kurt Schick and Laura Schubert’s book So What they say the point of writing is to communicate.” (222)

Draft Day


Lights, computer, action.  No you aren’t surfing YouTube for funny videos you writing a first draft.  Writing your first draft is probably the most important parts of writing a paper.  Even though it may be the worst thing you’ve ever written, that’s okay and least you started and tried.  Here are some ways to make sure you get the most out of your draft.

1) Just start writing, don’t worry too much about organization, word flow or whether the sentence has any meaning.  That’s what editing and revising take care of.

2) Don’t edit your draft well revising.  You will waste time and lose your train of thought.  Don’t worry about grammar or how to properly spell boxes and cats.

Idiot Sentences


Many people think that great sentences are very eloquent, with lots of fancy words.  I do not believe this, great sentences are simple very sentences lots of people can understand.  An example is “respect my authority.”  Short, simple and most people will understand it.


How to Speak like Obama


Whether you think Obama is a good president or not, you have to admit he is a great public speaker.  He has all the aspects of a good public speaker, he has good body language and his hand gestures are timed perfectly to his speech.  He sounds confident when he’s spewing out words and crap.  The point is Obama demonstrates all the aspects of Gestural Mode described in Writer/Designer.

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