November 12 Notes

  • reading article “What is rhetoric?” page 325
  • Reading out loud engages your audience
  • project your voice!
  • Molly- “obstacles big words, not exciting”
  • Jennell- “text in the text- quotations are hard to follow not just a single text
  • Joey- “foreign words”
  • Matthew- “reading out loud can be difficult”
  • Bill- “we don’t see the point of it”
  • How can I use it?
  • Bill- “notice the range -write- everyone is different in this learning community”
  • read, skim, ignore, boring, dense, unrelated
  • To understand the text you have to do something different
  • collaborate, circle words, re-read, annotate, making connections, draw pictures, use other resources
  • Create a body of knowledge
  • Don’t just write down what you don’t understand, write down what you do understand.
  • due friday: 2-3 sentence paragraphs for each paragraph, make vocab list for each paragraph

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