November 14 Notes

  • read pages 327-331 writing about writing
  • review
  • james Zoll- premier on how the brain works
  • something about presentation
  • something about rhetoric
  • human interaction
  • text can be active- change the way people behave
  • eloquence
  • Chiros -speaker
  • text can be anything
  • gestures- meaning -Body language
  • potentially active text
  • linguistic and gestural language
  • utter: “ughhh” (raising your hand)
  • “I don’t know” Move on
  • “how are you?” but they don’t mean it
  • silence and absence
  • active text -saying someones name- obvious
  • elaborate probe, go futher
  • “I think”, “I just feel that”, “I’m sorry”
  • I’m sorry, is there anything I can do, explanation/ excuse, I’ll try harder next time
  • units and unity – Brooks
  • Looked up word in dictionary but it didn’t help you understand the word in the sentence
  • understanding the unit will help us but it won’t explain it
  • words are not #’s
  • knowledge being delivered
  • Image aids understanding
  • make knowledge as rhetors
  • “Do I feel empowered to make knowledge myself?”
  • I am the source of knowledge
  • Clare: “Not comfortable being the person making the knowledge but if I were, I’d feel more confident and be less dependent in others
  • Matthew: “some can be threatened but move past the passive
  • Tyler: “most think knowledge is already there”
  • Sammy- “failure can be a doorway for new knowledge”

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