November 3 Essay on Notes

In order to make a good story, there are certain concepts and notions that are important to watch out for including the rearrangement of words and sentences, setting a problem, make a setting, quoting correctly, and being interesting and getting inside the readers head. Rearrangement is important considering sentence order and when is the best time to set a problem. “Should one state a problem in the first sentence of the story?” or “Should one wait to introduce the characters and setting first?” Setting is very important to introduce in a story because the reader needs to know where, when, and why everything is happening. When setting a time and place of a story, detail is very important. Describing in detail what is happening in the story is what makes it interesting. Without detail, a story could never be interesting. “There was once a cat” or “There was once a fluffy, cuddly, and strange cat.” This is one way to catch reader’s attention. The reader now knows a little more about the cat and wants to find out what will happen to this fluffy, cuddly, and strange cat. Other than the fact that the cat is so fluffy and cuddly like any other normal cat, the reader will want to know why the cat is so strange? The attention of the reader is now on the story and it’s the perfect time to get inside their head with some imagery or even a quote. Quoting is essential to be descriptive or to give new perspective on certain ideas. Although quotes can make an essay that much better, if they are used incorrectly they can interrupt and distract from story completely. In order for a quote to fit, it needs to more work. “Prepare, insert, then explain” (anonymous). This way the story goes on without a random quote to sidetrack the reader. So as long as one is paying attention, these concepts and notions will help one become a better writer.

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