November 7 Notes

  • Write in same 1st 2nd or 3rd person when writing an essay
  • we all have Biases and we’re all embodied. Compromised by our human condition
  • writing left handed
  • we have to learn to see our bias for what they are and then be aware of them
  • Matthew- “if we can learn our biases, it can be easier to co-exist with other people”
  • Jessica- “we’re looking at our weaknesses and we can focus on them more”
  • Our biases are what makes us who we are as individuals and why we’re different
  • Andrew -“pre-determined view”
  • Bill-“strong unexamined preference”
  • Josh- “something thats in our subconscious”
  • Biases- involuntary emotions
  • example – religion
  • stepping in another persons shoes
  • Andrew- “writing and reading creative and close-minded
  • Katie- “something that you think and you don’t always know that you think that way”
  • Molly- “come from a liberal family- so we think in a certain way”
  • Clare-” biased toward music”
  • Ethan- “biased toward war- very passives non-violent”
  • Bias- for interest: clothing styles
  • ethnicity, race, sports, Title Nine- sports for men
  • Katie- “absence of thought”
  • biased toward education
  • Andrew- “toward passions”
  • Callie-“the way people look”
  • Jessica- amendments
  • Bill- how involved Government should be
  • Bill- we don’t tend to question what feeds us
  • —Cite your work
  • Connecting ideas to your work
  • integrate an accurate reporting
  • First and Last name
  • Title sets your reader up.
  • diagrams in you work
  • read page 218 in easy writer book

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