October 24 Notes 1

  1. activity theory
  2. Blogs
  3. Looking forward to self assessment at end of the term

Robust engaged conversation… SERIOUSLY

  • students should be responsible for their own learning
  • self assessments
  • take it seriously!
  • rigorous self assessment
  • distance yourself from others and focus
  • how do we collaborate
  • “How do we fix bad habits” (Josh)
  • “How can we fix it to where we’re motivated” (Andrew)
  • what is a rigorous self assessment?
  • genre?
  • “How can we take it more seriously?” (Jonathan)
  • What does it mean to take it more seriously?

In a conversation, we learn:

  1. How language works
  2. articulate a position
  3. we make knowledge
  • Take responsibility for your own learning but also work together
  • responsible to participate
  • engage
  • “Scholars need to turn their work in time!”(Raylin)
  • responsibility to engage
  • “serious in opposition to half hearted”(Jonathan)
  • high level of academic rigor
  • “Care!” (Jonathan)
  • caring and ability
  • “Another helpful way would be to give an example of how to take something seriously” (Andrew)
  • Concern
  • “seriously hard or seriously messed up” (Ben)
  • Seriously? questioning
  • are we joking or am I to take this as a credible expression of your true intentions.
  • intentions to turn something in or to actually learn from it.
  • “I didn’t think she was serious when she said no”
  • very different
  • conversation and the language we used in our papers
  • A paper is a cite for knowledge and taking up knowledge
  • words on paper are not fixed they do not have fixed meaning, different people read and understand differently
  • dancing words
  • we all interpret words differently
  • interpretably- in case of reading
  • interpretation is an act of reality, is to shape and give meaning to words
  • we are all interpreting when we’re writing
  • serious is an internal intention
  • context of the situation
  • “context is important” (Clare)

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