September 15 Notes

Sep 15, Comp 150

  • Bill will always give back papers within 1 week of turning them in.
  • He does not try to “correct” the papers, he tries to “energize” the papers. AE majors must learn how to write.
  • $ is not how you buy your books, it’s the amount of ink you add to it.
  • Go to page 1 in Easy Writer and read the paragraph about “The Top Twenty”
  • Try to focus on just the top 5!
  • Your computer is not responsible for your mistakes.
  • FAQ
  • META -where you log in and out
  • Dashboard
  • Settings
  • Last name, first name, middle initial/ COMP 150-SEC 11-FALL 2014
  • Capital letters
  • Timezone Denver
  • Settings
  • Reading
  • uncheck the box
  • Things due Wednesday:
  • 3 hours of homework for every hour in class
  • Blog 1/2 of setting up for public
  • write of your blog
  • Blog, Post, Comment, Response
  • First Post
  • Type your notes from this class

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