September 3 Notes

  • Participate
  • write everything down
  • make knowledge together
  • hospitality / put chairs back
  • to be a scholar, is to use your ability to help others
  • people are aware of how they learn- their learning style
  • the world gets better when people act on what they’re supposed to do
  • if you here the word write and think “essay,” your writing will suck
  • first person backed with evidence
  • work cited page- important for trust, paragraph breaks give your reader breaks
  • think about your reader
  • you want to distinguish yourself as a scholar
  • when you become an adult, you learn how to hide inside your bodies
  • transfer- how we get students to sue their knowledge from inside the classroom outside
  • research question- am I going to use this knowledge ?
  • time on task: more time= better material

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