Authoring Your Life


Purpose. People all over the world try to find their place. It’s one of that hardest thing for some people to do, we try and try to fit in places, and most of the time we feel like we don’t fit. When the time comes and we finally feel like we fit in, everything seems to feel perfect. In Authoring Your Life, purpose is a huge concept that is displayed throughout the book.

Critical Thinking

Thinking critically is a very important skill to have to have. The ability to critically think comes into play when having to decipher articles, conversation, questions and so on. Critically thinking is analyses, questioning, and critiquing of any situation. Being able to do this is being able to see both sides of a situation and understand where both are coming from.

Most of the time you have to go beyond what you would normally think, push your thoughts further into the conversation, dig deeper and find the real reasons behind the stories. Critical thinking takes an open mind that can take in new concepts and be understanding of new ideas. Some people consider it “reading between the lines”, trying to figure out what people are actually trying to say.

Overall thinking critically is very important in everyday situation. Knowing when someone is trying to say something, but actually putting the right information behind it can be very helpful.