Intertribal News April 20, 2012 edition

April 20th, 2012

Intertribal News April 20, 2012 edition 

This is our Sixth and LAST issue of W12:

In this Issue of the Intertribal News!

Native Student is ASFLC President

NAIS Graduating Seniors Awards

Nike’s N7 Foundation and Native Traditions

Intertribal News -Best Wishes on 30 Years of Service

James and Ernie Create Wave of Native Comedians

Wrath of Titans Reviewed

Intertribal News Visits Durango Herald

Conference Provides Experience, Networks’

Three Influential Women Leave Fort Lewis College

W.E.B. Du Bois Descent is FLC Student

Mirror, Mirror Reviewed

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Intertribal News April 6, 2012 edition

April 6th, 2012
April 6, 2012 edition, Intertribal News

April 6, 2012 edition Intertribal News

In this issue of the Intertribal News!

Hozhoni Days Powwow

Sunshine Perry is Miss Hozhoni, 20012-2013

Carlisle Football in new film

Powwow Winners Announced

Miss Indian World Visits FLC

Jessa Goes for Miss Indian World Title

Miss Hozhoni Pageant PHOTOS

Hozhoni Days Powwow PHOTOS

Films Reviewed: More Than Frybread and Smokin’ Fish

Marianna works with Tribal College Journal

Native woman in “Vagina Monologues”

Spring Means Major League Baseball

New Faculty Member for Native American and Indigenous Studies

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Intertribal News -Fourth Issue W12, March 23, 2012

March 22nd, 2012

In this Issue of the Intertribal News

FLC Course Deals with Bias
Hozhoni Days Schedule
Spring Awakens Animals
Kony 2012 – Real or Fraud?
March Means Powwows!
New Game – Creed III
Film Reviewed – John Carter
NAIS Faculty Candidates Come to FLC
Midterm Blues?  Finding Help on Campus
Spring Fitness Goals Renewed
William Mendoza: White House Appointee and FLC Grad
Wilson Aronilth Visits FLC Class

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Intertribal News, March 2, 2012 Third Issue of the Term!

March 1st, 2012

Inside this Issue of the Intertribal News:

  • Spring Break for FLC Students
  • Elders Honored at Native Center by All Peoples’ Lodge
  • Native American and Indigenous Leaders Conference
  • Tarahumara Runners in Ultra Marathon
  • FLC Student Life Center is Workout Heaven
  • Lady Skyhawks Chase RMAC Title
  • NAIS Department Seeks Faculty Member
  • GRE Preparation, Math Luncheon, Math and Engineering Brownbag
  • MARC Grant Award Winners
  • Movie Review: Act of Valor

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Intertribal News Online – February 17, 2012 Second Edition!

February 17th, 2012

Here’s our Second, online edition, February 17, 2012!

In this issue of the Intertribal News

  • Fort Berthold Tribal College Features NAS program, too
  • Wanbli Ota Club Continues Hozhoni Days Efforts
  • Remembering Who You Are is Half The Battle
  • Lady Skyhawks Pursue National Ranking
  • Movie Review: Journey 2 is Pretty Mysterious!
  • Being a Strong Student AND a Super Mom
  • Dr. Henrietta Mann Part of NAILF Event – watch next issue
  • Rattlesnake Island Protection is Intergenerational Battle
  • Natives as Mascots: Respectful or Controversial?
  • Three Affiliated Tribes Exemplify Self-Determination
  • Teahonna James Joins NAIS Team at FLC
  • Marilyn Colyer a SW Colorado Treasure
  • FLC Art: Nature Inspires Us All

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