ASFLC Elections Come at Crucial Moment for FLC

clip_image001Associated Students of FLC will elect new officers in a two-day, computer assisted election Tuesday, April 13th and Wednesday, April 14th

        FLC Students may vote either via the computer kiosks in the Student Union Building or via Webopus those days. 

        Currently there are 12 senators, 2 Executives, and 2 court justices in the ASFLC student government. 

Candidates for President and Vice President as “executive teams:”

        Alray Nelson for President, and Laura Beth Waltz, for Vice President.

        Natalie Janes for President, and John Toplyn for Vice President.

Current student senators and/or those running in this election:

        Teahonna James- running in current election for senator.

        Chad Yen- running in current election for senator.

        Kody Roper- running in current election for senator.

        Spencer Hill- Graduating.

        Michael Kelly- remaining on table.

        Katie Mick- Term expires, but is not running.

        Allison MacAulay- Term expires, but is not running.

        Natalie Janes- term expires, running for President.

        John Toplyn- term expires, running for Vice President

        Ian Lowell- remaining on table

        Dustin Begay- remaining on table

        Heather Bryant-remaining on table

Current ASFLC Court:

Mike Lewis – Chief Justice

Ben Baroch- Associate Justice

Both positions on the court are appointed by the President, and affirmed by a 2/3 majority vote by the senators.

Source: Mike Lewis, Chief Justice

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