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Fort Lewis Budget Crisis

Over the next two years Fort Lewis is looking at approximately a 4.6 million dollar budget cut. 1.8 million In the 2010-2011 school year and 2.9 million in the 2011-2012 school year.

Important thing to look at during this budget crisis include:

1)       Keeping important faculty and staff members

2)       Distributing the cuts in a sensible manner

3)       Making sure important programs don’t fall through the cracks

4)       Disproportionate salaries among faculty, staff, and administrators

Student Retention and Recruitment

        Especially with large upcoming budget cuts recruitment of new students and retention of current students is extremely important, and we need to do everything in our power to help gain new students coming to this campus, and keeping the ones attending right now.

Ways to help:

  • Going out to the community
  • Student ambassadors
  • Better marketing and recruiting

Athletics and School Spirit

        Things to work towards:

1)       A renovated gymnasium, with up to date locker rooms that meet code for both men’s and women’s sports

2)       New and improved weight room with better equipment and machines

3)       Attendance and participation in home sporting events

4)       Helping Improve school spirit!!


Things that can continue to help this campus:

  • Green compacting drum (as proposed by concerned students to the Student Senate, and later to upper Administration)
  • Additional recycling efforts, including extra bins at sporting events
  • Continued construction of high standard environmentally sustainable buildings
  • The use of home grown foods and vegetables in our daily meals

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