Being from Michigan, bad winters were not out of the ordinary and everyone prepared accordingly. Many feet of snow followed by cancelations and delays of every kind of event seemed to be a common theme in the winters, but not here in Durango. Actually when it dumps 25 inches in one night, everyone seems to be out and about, probably heading to Purgatory. Durango has been a joy to live in and I look forward to another trecherous winter.


Hunting and Fishing Durango

Being outside has always been a passion of mine,when I was a young boy my grandpa taught me how to hunt and fish and since then it has been a huge hobby of mine. Whether fly fishing Lemon Lake or the many rivers that cut through Durango, being on the water is one of the best feelings ever. Although I have not been able to hunt in Durango yet, I have heard nothing but good things about the many envirnments Durango has to offer.