Participant- Observer in the Public Health Setting

During the past couple of weeks, we scholars have engaged in participant-observer research in our composition 250 class. It has been easier to take part in this type of research because William Mangrum, our professor, constantly reminds us to keep taking notes.

Our assignment given on Thursday the 12th of February was to use participant-observer research in a class of our major. I decided to use this type of research in my environmental public health class with Dr. Phil Shular.

Some observations I noticed about the class were that many students showed up late. I know that Dr. Shular does not take attendance and he does not seem to mind when a handful of people come in the door when he is lecturing from his power points. I thought about whether or not Shular did mind that people came to class or pretended that he did not mind. I do not like showing up to class late because I feel like I am disrespecting the professor.

Another observation I noted was who took notes off the power point and who had already printed them off instead of writing down the information. I wonder if those who printed off the power points found it easier to acquire the information rather than writing it down. I also noticed some kids that were not even writing down anything. I understand why they do not take notes because the power points are online, but I always find it helpful to take notes anyways because Shular always makes little side notes that could end up on a quiz or exam.×