How to interview correctly

Tuesday February, 17 2015 was an interesting day in my COMP 250 class. First we started interviewing a fellow classmate about his first kiss. We were taught to stay completely on subject throughout each interview you do. Ask questions about answers to your previous question. We shouldn’t be getting answered to in a yes or no style. If so, you are ask questions on why they answered that way. If someone simply stated a certain thing was funny, ask them why it was funny or what does funny mean to that person. All of this information made me look at interviews in a totally different fashion. Every time I would do an interview on something I would drift of into stuff that didn’t even relate to my original question. To most of my fellow scholars, they felt this day was an extremely new subject and they learned a lot from the experience.

I realized that I could use this as a tool in many ways. Like I said I figured out ways to stay on top of my original question while jerking out more knowledge out of the interviewee. We want so much information to where we feel like we were there or we are inside the persons head while interviewing them. This style of interviewing is going to make my papers much stronger with more evidence of when I am interviewing somebody and I am going to use this to my advantage. At first my interviewing skills were pretty bad. Now I feel confident in interviewing any individual under almost any case. This was one of my favorite days and I felt it was one of the most interesting in the semester so far.