Geographic Identity Dependency

John “JUAN” Andres


Believe it or not, but where you live may impact you’re views but more importantly how disgust-able you are.




Where do you stand? As college students we get asked that a lot. Where do you stand in regards with politics? Are you liberal or conservative? Are you pro choice or pro-life? There are so many potential sides or views to have, how can we ever be sure that we are on the progressive, “right” side of the line? It turns out that where you live, geographically, might actually influence your views or so called “original ideas”.


UnknownSo I know you just read the paper in bold and italics and just got super worried this would be boring, but just bear with me for a second. (Get it, bear with me!!) The paper, although it sounds super boring and lame, was actually very eye-opening. The paper was for Comp 250-3 and was trying to establish a connection between how easily disgusted you are and where you live. Now I know you want to just jump into to this super academic paper I just told you about, or maybe you would rather shave your eyebrows, either way we should hit the research behind the paper before discussing the paper.


In this frickin’ awesome country that we call the United States of America, we all see some signs of division. Not like long division or whatever that crap was back in middle school, but like division. This may not be to clear to you what division I’m getting to, but hopefully this analogy will help. Ok, so if you’ve ever seen Harry Potter ever in your life then you know that Gryffindor and Slytherin were on opposite sides and divided the school.(That’s the type of division we are dealing with here sonUnknown-1!, some dark wizard level division.) Ok back to business. This division we see now if most often political division. That means you’re either a progressive conservative or a traditional democrat. (Haha yeah that was totally backwards.) So this division in the country was/is pretty noticeable, and these people did a study on differences between liberals and conservatives based on levels of disgust.


So the study we were talking about was done by a David PizarroUnknown-2. Yeah what a sweet last name. Pizarro found that there was a “strong” correlation between political conservatism and being more easily disgusted. This means that if someone is a conservative then they are more easily disgusted or uncomfortable about moral issues like “abortion” and “gay marriage”. BOOOOOOM!! SLAM DUNK!! Paper over right? Nah, man or woman possibly reading this. This study just proved what everyone already knew; Conservatives are uptight, traditional, lightweights that are afraid of the progressive world! (Alright that might not have been that fair of a shot to take but like,… come on,… have you ever watched FOXNews? If you have and still don’t understand why that joke was made, please be sure to comment. ) So then as you read this with your eyes or robot eyes, dealers choice; you get to the question, how can we connect this disgust theory to geography? Well thats the part we’ll get to next time…. Unknown-3

images-2Hey Girl, finals may be coming up but this blog is almost to the end, kinda so keep reading, I double pinky promise no crosses count that it’s worth it. 

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Unknown-5Unknown-4What does a hippie say when he/she is getting kicked out of a party?



Ok so if you don’t remember where we were don’t worry, as I don’t remember either. Just Kidding Mrs. Moore! I sorta remember where this was going.


So geography and political party affiliation have yet to be connected. DO NOT FEAR! The Love Connection is here. (Yeah, that was a TV show way back when.) To connect such to broad things; Geography and Political Identity it would be so useful to have a map. Thank whichever Gods/Goddesses/Divinities/and/or lucky stars you may or may not have for the Pew Research Center. The Pew Research center “is is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. We conduct public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other data-driven social science research. We do not take policy positions.” Thanks for reading that. It’s actually super important. When they say, they do  not take policy positions thats an amazing thing. This means they are neither conservative nor liberal or independent but some unholy non affiliated, which is almost as amazing as this invention.


With the credibility of the Pew Research center established the map they published can now images-1be reveled!! There you go! So we can see now that there is an obvious location of the specific political bases. But this can’t directly show that where you live makes you more squeamish. Thats where another map comes into play. As found out in the study by Pizarro, the more easily disgusted people that associated with conservative values, made this decisions out of moral beliefs. Morals man, everyones got some, some people are too moral, some people aren’t moral enough. (Morals are like scales, we see what the damage is and depenUnknown-7ding on how we feel, we may or may not use the info provided.) 

Ok, bare with me a little bit longer. So as you may have guessed it, that how I connected geography and disgust and their influence of political identity. If you morally think something is wrong, lets take gay marriage for example, you will say you are morally opposed to such an action. Thats exactly what Pizarro found when he did his study. Those individuals that were more easily disgusted were also against gay marriage and abortion based on moral principles. These moral principles were often connected to that person’s religion. Religion is on often intertwined to morals say John Hare of Yale in a philosophical background. If morals influence political views and how squeamish you are then the last piece of the puzzle is to connect moral background givers, RELIGION, to geographic locations. Again thank whoever or whichever deities you like or just call your mom and thank her for something. (If you actually didimages call your mom then first, wow I have magical powers, then just thank her for being a good mom, should make her day.)   This map shows the density of the evangelic Protestant population, but you probably already knew that. The evangelical church is very conservative based. As shown earlier the conservative base and at the evangelical base line up pretty well.


Remember close to the beginning of this when we left off the paper with an ever increasing need to return!? Well bam! Ya got there kid. Stay Golden Pony boy. Unknown-8

The maps connect to the paper. They make the paper. They make life. Shrek is love…Shrek is life.

The maps from Pew Research make my paper, the one I mentioned at the beginning. They make the paper because the political map shows the location of the conservative party in the South and some Western states. The other map showed the evangelical religious base. The maps overlap in such a way that a coincidence cannot be considered. This means we can clearly see the connection between geography and morals. This connection can be further traced to disgust because of the study done by Pizarro. The study proved that conservatives were more squeamish on issues such as morals. The political Pew Research Center map shows the location of the conservative base. Then further more another religious location map shows the evangelical Protestant church’s base location. So now we can clearly see that where you live influences how you vote or what party you belong, which can also be measured in how easily disgusted someone is.



Voter ID Laws

As we can all agree, voting is the cornerstone of our American political system. And we can also all agree that requiring ID’s to vote helps prevent fraud. But let’s take a closer look at Voter Fraud, there have been only “31 incidents of out of one billion ballots cast”. With 31 cases out of a billion doesn’t it seem like we are jumping the gun with new Voter ID laws? Texas doesn’t think so, and a brand new sentence was uttered. Texas is leading the way. Just let that sink in.  In Texas to vote you need to use 1 out of 7 possible ID’s to vote. Well having to have 1 out of 7 possible ID’s doesn’t seem to hard right? Actually to obtain these ID’s you need to have your birth certificate and several other documents to procure such an ID. (Marriage Certificate, Proof of Citizenship) And then there is the cost of the ID itself, usually around $25. Some voters who are extremely low-income cannot afford this burden. But who wants the extremely poor to be burdened with the task to vote? They need that time that could’ve been used to vote, to be extremely poor.  And that’s the point of the new ID laws really, to disenfranchise those who cannot afford ID’s or have no way of getting IDs. After the Supreme Court struck down a part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, states could now unleash a tidal wave or a ‘Sharknado’ if you will, of new voter ID laws. Texas, within tsharknadowo hours of this striking down began legislation to create Voter ID laws. Clearly we can see that the ID laws are beneficial to a certain group of people, Republicans. But that’s not so bad right? When have the Republicans ever been wrong except like those two times. (Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, trickle down economics, Michelle Bachman being sane.) The laws are just trying to keep fraud out of the voting pool and keep elections honest. But what is not honest is how states are going about these ID laws. The striking down of the key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, gave states, almost exclusivmap_voter_restrictions-pageely in the South  to “change their election laws without advance federal approval.” Basically the Supreme Court said there was no more racism, especially in the South. Well, everyone and their mom knows this is true. The phrase, ‘Alabama is fair and balanced’ is about as true as Fox News being the same. But what is perhaps the most intriguing part of  this, is the shamelessness of almost completely Republican state legislatures that are passing these laws. But in fairness the Republican legislatures are probably just trying to look out for this great nation. Tennessee marked a historic event in 2010, when for the first time since the Civil War ended, saw its House of Representatives, Senate and governor’s office all controlled by Republicans in 2010.  Having a complete monopoly on something like Rockefeller, always benefits the ‘little guy’. An African-American woman in Tennessee , Dorothy Cooper 96, was denied an ID to vote because she did not have her “marriage certificate”. We should all be grateful to the new Tennessee voter laws for her disenfranchisement. After all, if a 96-year-old woman of any race, who should lose her marriage certificate, obviously  is someone who is forgetful and not able to vote. Most of us think age is an excuse to forget something, but the infinitely wise legislatures in Tennessee realize that  because a marriage certificate is so important it is required to get ID to vote.

Most of these new laws are occurrUnknowning in  Southern battleground

states such as South Carolina and Indiana. South Carolina for example is controlled by a majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate. They passed a bill requiring strict voter ID laws to be passed in order to vote.  As history shows, South Carolina hasn’t made any bad choices or been on the non-progressive side of history.

As this is a Democratic nation, it takes votes to prevent such rampant disenfranchisement from happening. So what is the public opinion on Voter ID Laws? Republicans support the laws almost unanimously. “(94%)”. Why the huge support? Maybe they just know what is better for the nation over the Democrats. Or maybe it’s because they aren’t affected by it. Yeah, its probably the latter. “Democrats claim the new laws may have swung close elections this month…” So in an effort to increase confidence in voting and eliminate “fraud”, Republican legislatures may have swung tight elections. It could be worse though. We  hopefully haven’t seen a day where we couldn’t vote or had our very American lives questioned. But it looks like we have; “In Kansas, 22,000 people were stopped from registering to vote because they lacked proof of citizenship.” Now think about that for a minute. You would live in Kansas if you weren’t a citizen? Thats nuts. Have you been to Kansas?

Overall this nation is being ‘guarded’ by the Republican party in an effort to increase voter confidence. So what should be done about the Voter ID laws? Well if you like being able to vote then try to be Republican and or white. If you don’t like to vote then be Democrat or minority.