Why Israel is our Weakest Link (Part 2)

So why is this such a big deal, If we are to nitpick at U.S. spending policies certainly Israel is not the place to start, unfortunately the issue isn’t all money, I wish it were. Israel has to this day held a lot of sway as far as foreign policy decisions for the U.S. for reasons listed above and it has cost us several relations in the middle east such as Palestine, Iran and in some sense Lebanon. It is costly to loose relations in an already volatile region and we lost them do to our in some senses as far as foreign policy goes an erratic ill-tempered teenager.

Why Israel is our Weakest Link

Israel since its birth in 1948 has been in good terms with the United States and has received more aid annually from the U.S. than any other country. Israel currently receives about 3 billion in aid from the United States annually as well as military support and having the most powerful nation in the world as its ally, and what have they done in return for us, been of the correct religion. Perhaps this is not entirely true, Israel has in backed the U.S. as well in foreign affairs it just seems to me if Israel were Muslim or Buddhist country we would not have nearly the interest to protect them and bail them out of any hot water they fall into. However they are “God’s chosen people” in the holy land so many Christians and Jews alike are of the firm belief that it is our job to protect them, and as of yet no president who has claimed an anti-support of Israel policy has been elected. With that type of voting power it is nearly impossible to get political change with policies of supporting Israel and thus Israel remains one of our worst investments.

U.S Nuclear Dominance (Continued)

During the Iraq Afghanistan invasions to find Bin Laden and supposed chemical weapons in Iraq Iran helped the U.S. immensely with helping the U.S. topple the Taliban in Pakistan by providing both military support and information as to locations of the terrorist group in Pakistan. Things seemed to be looking up for Iranian U.S. relations talks were becoming less tense until shortly after Iran’s crucial help with the Taliban George Bush Spelled death for positive U.S. Iranian relations by listing Iran as one of the countries that are a part of the Axis of Evil. Needless to say Iran was furious with the mistreatment from the U.S. after repeated attempts to fix relations with the U.S and from then on started cooperating much less with the U.S. and the U.N. The U.S. proceeded to tighten sanctions on Iran through the U.N. in an attempt to economically force Iran to give up their nuclear program. Iran has yet to budge very far in giving up and as of today little progress has been made one way or the other and the two countries are still quite hostile and relations has reached a near breaking point.

U.S Nuclear Dominance

The United States has made a very clear no tolerance for nuclear programs for countries that do not support their interests or seem to promote a democratic government. Perhaps the best example of this nuclear monopoly has been the United States attempted shut down Iran’s nuclear program. The U.S. has been vigilant to the policy that Iran’s attempt to establish what Iran claims as a peaceful nuclear program is in reality a cover to enrich uranium to a level that could be used for a nuclear bomb. Iran however has complied with multiple U.N. inspections where no uranium was found at a level enriched enough to create a weapon. However the U.S. was not convinced and relations grew strained with Iran.


National Debt

The U.S is currently 17,076,056,201,345 as of 4:28pm according the the U.S Debt Clock. This debt is by far the largest debt held by any country in the world and is increasing my the millions of dollars per minute. The debt looms larger and larger and with no sign of decrease *this post is to be continued*.

Government Shutdown, Was It Necessary?

From October 1st to the 17th the government went on a shutdown due to the failure of agreeing on a fiscal policy for the 2014 year. The Republican lead house of representatives wanted to de-fund the Obama lead Patient Protection and Affordable Care act, or as most of you will know it as, Obama care. The democratic lead senate refused the houses proposition to causing the government to shut down. The shut down caused all essential operations funds to be cut until the fiscal purposal can be agreed on. The shutdown caused training in the national guard to be cut roughly 85%, NASA operations to be cut except for essential life support to astronauts, national parks to close and as well as closures and cuts across the United States. I feel congress just played a giant game of chicken seeing who would flinch first. I was angered by both sides unwillingness to compromise affecting millions of families and national operations and much more damaged was caused then was necessary. I am a firm believer that congress would accomplish a lot more a lot more quickly if in the shutdown the first thing to be cut was there paychecks, however that is not the society we currently live in but maybe someday it will be. In conclusion the shutdown was not necessary and cost the government millions and hurt millions of American.

An Overview ofUnited States Involvemnt in Syria, Or Lack there of.

I will be starting a many post topic of Syria to kick start my blog off. Syria has been in major civil war between the government and a band of rebels intent of freeing Syria from the regime. The government was often known for suppressing citizens and treating them unfairly so some of the Syrian people said enough and started to resist. The conflict raged between both sides with mixed foreign aid until the Syrian government carried out gas attacks against the rebel force killing many innocent lives. The U.S. government had refused to support one side over the other due to the fact that rebel forces were also supported by a terrorist group which the U.S. feared if they supported the rebels with weapons the terrorist would get there hands on the weapons. The U.S. untimely refused involvement in Syria even after the gas attacks happened which is a clear violation of UN peace treaties and similar weapons were the reason we went to war with Iraq.

Government and Foreign Affairs

This blog will be a critique of current and recent U.S government policies and on foreign affairs. It will cover things as old as the war on Iraq to policies as recent as the government shut down and the conflict in Syria and the United States involvement, or lack there of. As an unaffiliated citizen with a more liberal view on social polices and a more conservative view in economics I will both do my best to leave bias out and to bring it in. What i mean by this is I wish to show you the reasoning behind my opinions and posts but will do my best to back them up with evidence.