Participant Observer

In my Psychology of Environment class I did a participant observer study to blog on for my Composition 250 class. I looked at internal and external observations and I found a few interesting correlations.  The first is that in that class especially today most of the class was disengaged and uninterested including myself. The reasoning I could make of it as first due to weather, it was cloudy and snowing lightly so the low pressure and after lunch food coma caused a lot of exhaustion and uninterested look from my classmates. Secondly we as a class got our test grades back and there had been an issue with uploading part of the test to canvas so several students were frustrated with scores they had received as a result.  this coupled with the low pressure caused me to feel rather apathetic and uninterested.  The second correlation I noted was the teaching style. Our professor continually flexed between lecture and groups which caused the scholars of the class to continually be switching learning gears in their heads which caused people distress as well. In general I noted a lot of off task chatter when we broke into groups and a lack of questions or response when the teacher would take the class back to lecture style teaching. The dis engagement even got to the point where our teacher would have to prompt answers to the questions she asked to the class. This general attitude in class notable rubbed off on me and made it hard for me to internally find the motivation to take any control of my slacking mood and made for a boring and unproductive class period.

Psychology of Gender

Eye of the Beholder

For my Psychology of Gender class we are presented with a different article every week and asked to write a 400-500 word reflection. This reflection is on an article called Eye of the Beholder Revisited. The article addresses gender stereotypes of parents to new born children.

Eye of the Beholder Revisited

 I thought this study was interesting but not very surprising. Naturally we as humans want to treat our newborns as if they are people. We don’t as a society have it in our heads that our children could possibly not identify their gender the same as their biological sex, thus resulting in us automatically treating them as ether a heterosexual male or female vs waiting for them to form their own gender identities. However I feel like we kind of each a conundrum here as well because we are going to treat our child as something, I mean we have to we can’t really go through our child’s infancy treating them as sort of an A-sexual being until they are old enough to develop their own gender identity.  The child also might become curious at later ages especially when they start spending time away from the parents’ house in elementary school as to why everyone around them is treated differently by their parents then their own parents treat them. Not to mention that even if their parents do manage to keep them socialized toward no particular sexual identity everyone else will treat them as if they were a little heterosexual boy or girl and they would be conditioned anyways. Also it could be quite damaging to the child to raise them like this as they will surely face ridicule from their peers if they are shown as different or abnormal in any way. So perhaps it is kinder to raise your child as a heterosexual male or female then let them be comfortable with the idea that if they are something else that it’s okay and you will love and support them anyways. This way the child receives the same treatment at home as they will in the outside world but not feel like something is wrong with them if they do find out that they do not associate with that particular gender identity. Lastly I do think that the general conditioning differences between males and females is a problem and with that being said I fully plan on raising my daughter to be a fighter and tough as nails where I plan on raising my son the same ut with gentle and compassionate qualities. We can break some gender norms we just need to raise our kids in a loving and accepting way.