Research Topics

For the upcoming research project I’ve really been looking into Decision Making and Self Authorship as my topics. The two really speak to me because of my chronic indecisiveness and my love of writing. Maybe I can find some middle ground between the two and base my project off of that. I need to look into this assignment a bit more.

Thinking Critically

The Omelet

                This giant spongy thing in our heads has a use, believe it or not, and when thinking critically, it is kicked into high gear. Once we develop an understanding of, say, an omelet, we know that it is in fact an omelet. We know this on a subconscious level, but as we work out of subconscious thinking, questions arise. What ingredients are in this omelet? How is it made? The more we think the more questions arise, the more components open up before us, and the more knowledge we gain. After finding out what’s in the omelet now more questions arise: Can I make one myself? If I can make one myself then why am I standing in this line? Would it be cheaper to make it myself? This is critical thinking; it is analyzing what is before us, and then making judgments, inquiries, estimates, and even self-assessments.