I enjoy studying themes and motifs as far as interesting themes and motifs go. What I mean by this is that I enjoy symbolism and synchronicity in life. I believe my universe is going the right way when something extraordinarily coincidental seems to line up the right way.

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Critical Thought

It is a struggle, these days, to inspire critical thinking. It’s much easier to sit back and be told information you’re meant to absorb. What does the information mean? How does it correspond with your existing knowledge? Why? What for? To be a student of life, one should interrogate the universe often. It seems that this interrogation, for me, comes when I am made aware of connections between thoughts. Motifs in thinking, almost. In ART262 (Art History I) we learn about themes in artistic depictions of society of the time period in which we study. In one culture in particular, men and women jump bulls for sport as depicted via fresco. Mycenaeans also created a musical instrument known as a bull headed lyre. In addition, Lamassus were created for protecting and are men with wings and bull bodies. What are these bulls littered throughout Mycenae’s history? These facts and curiosities cause me to question the period as well as the culture. This, to me, is critical thinking.

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These Sanuks Were Made For Walkin

Whilst walking around the building, I observed the people around me and the way they interacted with the world in their realities. Who did they talk to if they talked at all- and what about? What path did they take around Jones Hall? Did they walk at a fast pace? A leisurely stroll? Did the students walk alone? Did they make eye contact with one another as they passed?

I think it’s important. It’s important because everyone has a different approach to research, demonstrated by this exercise. Maybe Bill was merely asking us to get out of his hair, but this is what I got out of class on Thursday.

My own journey:
I exited the building alongside people who were rushing around me. A student who I’m close to didn’t follow the crowd-they went for a bagel and strawberry cream cheese instead. I walked on my own for awhile, laughing to myself about sidewalks and how people stick so closely to them. I walked in the grass, lining the Jones flower beds as I went. Walk around the building, he said. So I took the path less traveled and closest to the subject. If the walk were research, that’d be the route I take. I saw a group of four man-boys (it’s my theory that boys are boys until they prove themselves men, but that’s a topic for another time) talking and laughing as they stuck to their concrete guide. The leader of the group accompanies me to breakfast after class and continues to surprise me with his humor and charisma, so I’m not surprised that they’re making such a ruckus. I wave at Jeremiah and they all wave back. Words were said, but they weren’t important enough to make an imprint on me. Or maybe they were and this act showed my lack of ability to write down absolutely everything. After this exchange, I ran into Kelsey, who I walked and talked with for the rest of the lap. I’m thankful that even though I said she had a “lovely soul and tiny feet” in class, Kelsey wasn’t put off by me. I think people deserve to be told how amazing they are, even in silly ways like sharing my observational writings. We talked about my experience in these minutes, and then we discussed her own. She’d taken the same approach- watching people in their little reality tunnels. Jeremiah and his disciples ran into us just as we were going inside, and there was a slight debacle over whether we were to walk for ten minutes, or walk for one lap. Feeling like I’d already gotten what I needed from this assignment, I chose the latter. For some reason, despite our mild arguing and joking of “metaphorical fighting,” they followed me inside.reality-tunnel

License Plates

Here I am, the first post of this nifty little blog thing. Trying to come up with a clever name, I thought of automobiles and what I tend to see first when they approach. A topic of discussion in COMP 250 has been noticing the details in literature as well in our every day lives. This is research. Therefore, it is important to note what I notice first.

License plates.



Please note, I am not a fan of ATM. Nor UT, Tech, LSU, OSU, OU…

I am a fan of life. GO LIFE!