Coaching: An Observation of my Peers

asleepAs I took my seat in my coaching class, I could feel the atmosphere influence my mood immediately. I had been energized and happy all day, but as soon as I entered the aura of this class, I felt sleepy and unmotivated. However, I could tell I was not the only one. Many people sat around the walls of the classroom, or even the back, to use the walls as support to endure the classroom for the next hour and twenty-five minutes. It was not the information that was particularly boring in the course, but more the teaching style utilized by our professor. We discussed what characteristics a good coach has and then watched a video about what a good coach does for his/her players. About twenty minutes into the cheesy, overdone video everyone within the classroom, with the exception of a few scholars, was struggling to keep their head up and eyes open. Ten people  yawned within the span of about eight minutes, and I could only count two people who actually fell asleep. I thought “this class will never come to an end.” I found myself and others consistently looking at the clock, only to see that few minutes had passed since we had last checked multiple times. I also felt a sense of guilt as I sat in my seat; my professor was a nice, caring man, who deserved everyone’s full attention. It was just a matter of mind over matter: but matter was definitely winning. As the class came to a close end, he flipped the switch of the light back on, blinding and waking everyone up immediately. We all groggily talked about what we had learned from the video, anticipating his words that would allow us to leave the class and return to the outside world once more. “You all can leave now, see you Tuesday.” The words of freedom.