Sweet Success

On Sunday, November 2nd, Bill held an event in his home where students from different classes sat and collaborated about our blogs and other topics pertaining to COMP 250. This was very effective event because it allowed fellow scholars to bounce ideas off of each other. I recorded the video above but did not know how I could most effectively uploadĀ the videoĀ to my blog for visitors to watch. Sean, from COMP 250 Section 3 informed me that the best way to do so would be by uploading it to Youtube and embedding it in blog. With help from Sean and the other scholars that attended the event, I have the video up to show MAJOR collaboration at Bill’s home. Thank you Bill.


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.22.39 PMWhen describing the context in which an author wants to communicate his or her purpose or call for action to the intended audience in a genre I use the acronym A.P.A.G. This acronym stands for

  • A: Audience
    • intended readership for the text.
    • more than one audience possible
    • What is important to this audience
  • P: Purpose
    • Large scale purpose
    • Secondary purpose
  • A: Author
    • Who is the author?
    • Think about it…Who is the author in detail?
  • G: Genre
    • Dynamic!
    • Genre’s morph according to local culture, historical time period, the author of the text, the audience for the text, and many other influences.

Multimodal Text at Fort Lewis

photo 2 Multimodal text is all around us as we go throughout our days. These photos show multimodal text around Fort Lewis Campus. From the ways the trees are spaced in the picture above, to the more direct text inside the buildings. These multiple modes of text express meaning. KEY POINTS TO UNDERSTANDĀ WHEN WRITING:

  • Communication involves more than just linguistics.
  • Use graphs, charts, diagrams and insert pictures.
  • Writing is more then filling the page with words, use all modes.

photo 1photo 5


The writer/designer must make the conscious decision to use a combination of effective modes. This is important to understand because the ability to be conscious in any field, activity, or action allows a person to fully immerse his or herself in the moment, the present. Each mode cannot be used for every circumstance so one must understand what he or she is truly and effectively trying to communicate.

Digging Deeper into the Word “Text”

Before reading there first few paragraphs of Chapter 1, my idea of the word was very singular. I believed the word “text” was only associated with the letters and words that we read either on the computer or a book.

The word text expands its meaning to pictures, performances, websites and other forms of communication. One that students are familiar with are memes.