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It was really interesting to attend the Celebration of Student Writing. Every project was unique in its own way. No two projects were created the same since every student is different with different interests. I saw a couple projects with the same ideas, but the way they were constructed was different.

Last year when I attended, I was looking at the titles of projects. This year after reading Writer/Designer I paid a little more attention to the projects’ layout. I looked at colors, the pictures, spacing, how much or how little text was there, whether the posters/boards were typed or hand written. These are things I would have never noticed last year or this year had I not read the book.

My lesson learned would be to think about the choices we make and to pay more attention to the little things.

Week 12


Wow, we’ve already been through 11 weeks of school. It does feel like we’re coming to the end of the semester. Always towards the end of the semester do classes start to get busy. The last few weeks of classes are hard not only on the students but teachers as well. I know that both students and teachers procrastinate. Students, including me, are trying to get in assignments in at the last-minute while teachers are grading assignments at the last-minute.

These last three weeks of classes are going to be tough. I feel like this week will take forever because of the break. I’m sure everyone is going to take one more test before the break because teachers want to squeeze in one more grade. So good luck scholars, if you made it this far, three more weeks of classes shouldn’t be too hard.



Celeste Torrez and I were talking about the weather. I can’t wait for it to snow already! It’s not that I’m waiting for the snow to get here but I’m sick of this hot/cold weather. It’s cold in the morning so you need a jacket but then it’s warm in the afternoon so you have to take off some layers.

While over at Bill’s house I noticed something about his two Comp 250 classes. A majority of scholars from section 3 would only hang out with other scholars from section 3 and the same thing happened with section 4. Not everyone did this but a majority of people did. It’s funny because the first couple weeks we had a hard time learning each others’ names and now we stick by each other for fear of meeting new people from another Comp 250 class.

Research Project Idea


Alright, I’m over here at Bill’s house during the blog-a-thon. The only thing I can think about is what to do for my research project.

hunting is a form of conservation. deer taking on 10/26/14
Hunting is a form of conservation. Bayfield, CO 10/26/14.

I have a general idea, but I’m still trying to narrow it down. As an environmental studies major, I want to talk about preservation and conservation and how they deal with natural resources. I can relate them to Language by discussing word choice between the two. Conservation and preservation are two very different ideals. Just to summarize, conservation is the wise use of natural resources while preservation is leaving natural resources alone.


Writer/Designer finishing multimodal projects



Chapter 5– Assembling Your Technologies and Team

Collaboration is key to creating projects. Try to have a small group and diversify by bringing in people with different skills. Make sure everyone in the group knows what the task at hand. Be sure to contribute ideas and listen to others’ ideas. Resolve any conflict in order to move on.

It’s important to organize your resources so you can pull them up later. Organize your files and be careful where you put them. A proposal explains how the timelines of your project and where you should be at what point.

Chapter 6– Designing Your Project

A mock-up is a layout that deals with pages or screens. A storyboard is an outline that deals with animation or cartoons. It’s important to get feedback because it helps to point out flaws or show where you need to strengthen or what you need to change. You can change and be given feedback multiple times until everyone agrees that your project is finished. You can get more assets or change them around. A timeline shows whether your ahead of task or falling behind.

Chapter 7– Drafting and Revising Your Project

A rough cut is one step after a mock-up or a storyboard and one step before a rough draft. A rough cut is what can be added to or cut from your project or can even point your project in a new direction. A rough draft is resolving some last-minute touches to your project. Being one to provide feedback is important. Your job is to read and analyze the text. Providing positive feedback is more helpful to the writer because it lets them know you care rather than putting them down. Take the feedback you receive into consideration and plan on using it.

Chapter 8– Putting Your Project to Work

Create a project that will last. Think about who your project will benefit later on and how they will look at it. Where will your project be located and how long are you responsible for it. Keep all the documents used in the making of your project just in case. Be able to explain the reason for making your project.

Writer/Designer starting multimodel projects


Chapter 2-Analyzing Multimodal Projects.

The rhetorical situation is the situation that causes someone to write a text.

  • Audience- people who we want to read our writing or people that happen to read our writing
  • Purpose- the reason we write
  • Context- how we want people to view our text
  • Author- who created the writing
  • Genre- the category that the writing belongs to

Writers always make choices when designing a text.

  • Emphasis- giving attention to something important
  • Contrast- the difference between objects
  • Organization- arrangement
  • Alignment- the way things line up
  • Proximity- how things are spaced apart

Chapter 3– Choosing a Genre and Pitching Your Project

This chapter helps to explains what you’re going to say for your project and how you should plan to say it. How do you envision your project.

  • for example, the Skyhawks represent Fort Lewis College while Fort Lewis is associated with Durango.

    Representation- what can you use or do to help represent what you want to say?

  • Association-what can you use or do help associate what you want to say?

A pitch is an initial address that explains what your final project is going to look like.

Chapter 4– Working with Multimodal Sources

The sources you need depend on the project your working on. You should use credible sources because they help strengthen your argument and make you project look good. Sources are anything that you can use for your project. Assets are what is actually used in your project.

When using sources, make sure they are being used properly. If you use any source in your project get permission or at least give credit to the source because if not it’s considered stealing which is illegal and immoral. Be able to cite your sources the best way that you can depending on your sources.

Dead Man Walking


Scan0003The lecture I went to was about Sister Helen Prejean’s book Dead Man Walking. She was there to talk about her experiences with death row inmates and shed some light on the death penalty system. Sister Helen’s speech was very moving and powerful. She wasn’t there to make people feel sorry for her. She was there to tell her story and explain what the death penalty is in today’s society. I got a little emotional by the things she said. The tone of her voice, the things she said, and the way she said them made her lecture very powerful. Her body language helped enhanced her message about life and the death penalty. She constantly used her hands to make a point.

She talked about the death penalty through religious, ethical, and political standpoints. She explained her spiritual journey and how she impacted the lives of the inmates and their families and vice versa. How do we forgive people or do we even forgive people? Ethics is a big issue in human rights. Who gets to decide whether who lives and who dies? The courts decide on whether or not to use the death penalty. How do we determine if the death penalty should be used? I don’t believe there are bad people, I believe that people make bad choices.

Significant Learning


The article What Is “Significant Learning” explains how significant learning is not completely changing, it’s just new principles are being added. Six new principles were brought up.

  • foundational knowledge is understanding/knowledge
  • application learning is engaging/developing new skills
  • integration is making connections
  • human dimension of learning is self discovery
  • caring is taking interest
  • learning how to learn is the ways in which we learn

These skills are all interconnected

Hindrances of research


As a class, we discussed the problems we face as researchers and writers.

  1. wanting to cover many things within a topic
  2. more research leads to more questions
  3. not knowing where to start
  4. not being familiar with a language in a given discipline
  5. fear of being responsible
  6. not knowing how to narrow down a topic
  7. willingness to adapt
  8. willingness to be wrong
  9. take risks
  10. good research doesn’t always lead to happy endings
  11. don’t be embarrassed about paper down the road

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. What matters is learning from your mistakes to better yourself later on down the line.

Language and Environmental Studies

Pastorius Reservoir, my favorite fishing spot
Pastorius Reservoir, my favorite fishing spot

I am an Environmental Studies major. Since I was little, I have always been an outside person. There’s just a lot more to do. I found it a little tough when trying to relate the articles in the book, Language A Reader for Writers, to environmental studies.


How Does Our Language Shape the Way We Think explains that the languages we speak influence the ways we think. Everyone will give different answers to a question because everyone talks and thinks differently.

Body Language explains the uses of body language. In environmental studies, words can only get you so far. The gestural mode enhances what you’re trying to explain when talking while using physical gestures.

Writing for an Audience explains how writers should be more considerate of their audience. Not just in environmental studies but in every major, writers need to be able to connect and effectively communicate to their readers.

OMG, ETC. explains the increasing use of acronyms. In environmental studies, their are a lot of acronyms to remember. All the names of the governmental agencies that deal with the environment are acronyms because their long to say.

Lets Talk About Gender, Baby explains the idea of gender neutrality in language. Most of the natural features on earth masculine, very few features are feminine or have feminine names.

Are You a Mac or a Mac User? explains how people identify themselves using specific word choice. Just because I’m in environmental studies doesn’t mean I’m an environmentalist, I just want to learn more about the environment.

Politically Correct Animal Language explains how word choice makes a big difference. Be careful what you say so you don’t offend someone. Don’t say “global warming” because its not true. The correct term is “climate change” because while some parts of the earth are warming, some parts are cooling.

You Can’t Google It and Get It Back explains how losing languages are bad. Everything on earth serves a purpose from the biggest tree to the littlest bug. The purpose of a language is for people to communicate. When they lose their language, they can’t communicate and won’t be able to get it back.

COMP 250/ Section 3/ Environmental Studies

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