Just say “no.” (But only to meth?)

just-say-no                                           When did meth become the only drug we shouldn’t do? It went from the 90’s campaign of ‘don’t try drugs,’ to campaigns that mostly consist of ‘just don’t try meth.’ I can get that the ‘just say no’ campaign wasn’t the best of ideas: kids are going to be kids, and try things, but really? Jumping from an idea of trying to get people not to do (any) drugs, and taking it to a mentality of ‘just don’t meth.’ Now I’m not saying that meth isn’t bad, cause we all know it is, but there are other bad drugs out there. Why don’t they get anti-drug campaigns, too?  Yeah, the Meth Project campaigns are SUPER effective. Looking at them makes anyone think twice about trying meth, and they work.

Ads like like that ^ create a fear and disgust that definitely convince me (and probably many others as well) to stay away from meth.  After the launch of the  Meth Project campaigns, most states saw around a 60% decrease in meth use.


Imagine what similar ads for other drugs could do if they were out there! …. But they’re not out there. You won’t turn on the TV and see a commercial that’s telling you not to smoke crack, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad. Meth isn’t the only drug that causes your teeth to rot, or that ruins your skin, so why is it that that is all we see? Those ads create a thought of meth being awful, and they make it seem like the worst, most dangerous drug out there. (View more ads at: http://www.methproject.org/ads/tv/ ) But that’s the problem; it isn’t the only drug that’s awful and dangerous. The meth ads help to educate people about the effects meth can have, and help people understand reasons not to try the drug. But how much do people know about the effects of other drugs? There are plenty other terrible drugs, that can do terrible things to your body and mind. Cocaine and crack can rot your teeth, and also cause your nose to collapse.

Crack MouthCocaine Nose

But you won’t see ads like these anywhere. Bath salts have caused a man to LITERALLY eat another human-being’s face off (  http://gossiponthis.com/2012/05/31/bath-salts-caused-miami-man-strip-naked-eat-another-man-face-off/), but apparently meth is the only drug that the majority of people are concerned about? It doesn’t add up to me.

It’s not like most of us don’t know that other drugs are bad for you, so why aren’t we concerned?  Are our brains just so simple that they only see what’s put right in front of them? Media has a  huge influence on our actions. Because the consequences of using other drugs aren’t constantly being put into our minds, it’s easier to ignore them. Without anti-drug ads of other kinds, people can justify drug use of other kinds with thoughts similar to “If it were really as bad for you as meth is, there would be ads telling you not to do it.”

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