My experience with our discussion of debate and persuasion 10/31/14

Wednesday we went outside to have class, it was nice weather and provided a nice environment for academic discussion. we started off with bill making an analogy, he claimed that NBA players still make the same moves and jr high basketball players, although with more skill, the concepts are the same. he went on to say that debating and persuading are the same in that sense. as a child we try to persuade our parents to get us a new toy and the tactics to get a new toy as a child are very similar to those that we will use as adults to try to get jobs. what i learned from this experience is that we primarily need to focus on developing the skills that we already have. in debate there is not an expanse of new skills that you can acquire, so it is important to develop those that we already have

My experience with improv writing 10/31/14

when I showed up to class and bill told me that we were going to sit and write for 15 minutes straight, I didn’t think that is was going to be a big deal. I also didn’t realize at the time that there was something to be learned from it. the way he presented it as an activity he made it seem like he simply wanted to familiarize us with the act of writing, which he did. and quite a bit more. we wrote for 15 minutes about nothing in particular, my only specific memory was the intense pain in my writing hand after a while. after we finished he made several of us read what we had written, instilling in our minds that if we did this again we may have to read what we wrote. with this in mind we began to write for another 20 minutes, this time about a specified topic, or three really. we were told to write. about our left foot, candy, and the end of the world. so I wrote my piece about the three topics, I decided to tie them all together and write them in a story format. when we finished, he made several of us read ours aloud. when we finished reading he made his point of the day. we need to learn to make connections, we need to make a link between our topics, and more importantly, we need to be able to apply the knowledge gained in one place to another place.

Comp 150, and my education as a whole 10/31/14

since I have been in comp 150 I have gained an understanding that composition is very important to me. as a music major I want to create music, and since I have been in this comp class, I have seen that when composing anything, it takes time, revision, effort, and a passion for whatever it is that you are creating. writing is a process. you cannot simply throw down the first thing that comes to your mind and expect it to be the stroke of genius that you would like it to be. as we discussed the word serious in class. I began to get a better grasp of what the applications of being serious about education actually look like. I began to realize that if I took all of my classes more seriously I would be getting substantially more out of them. and its a shame, and something that deeply upsets me to see that I am not getting everything that I could be getting out of my education simply because I am not putting in the proper amount of effort. I don’t know if you are reading this bill, but the things you make us do in class, truly do help me in other classes as well as just helping me maintain the proper mindset for education. doing this blog that you are reading right now is the exact time that I realized how important it is to put effort into school, we need to break our old habits and learn the things that we actually care about. and the stuff that we don’t. we do need to make connections. I resolve to put in more effort to all of the assignments in this class. and connect that resolve into every aspect of my education.

An Essay About My Notes on the Word Serious 10/31/14

through the course of our conversation regarding the word serious, I was able to view the differing perspectives of several people. as a whole we all roughly agreed that serious is a stern non joking attitude that is employed to help portray the magnitude of a particular situation. I felt really informed and that I had learned quite a bit by hearing the different perspectives of people that I consider to be intelligent scholars. the reason I have such faith in the intelligence of my fellow scholars is because I am very stubborn and they make me think. if you can make a person who is stuck in their ways think, you have a fairly good grasp of language already. I feel that through listening to intelligent people discuss an academic topic, you can learn a substantial amount through listening to their academic vocabulary, and paying attention to their approaches for portraying their points, as well as learning from the opinion they are getting across itself. the biggest thing that I learned from this experience is that the best way to form an opinion on an opinionated topic, is to gain as much perspective as possible. if you understand why other people think the way that they do, it makes it much easier to know whether you agree with them or not.

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