if there is a set length of a writing assignment it will be a word count, within a range. at the end of the paper double space down and put your word count. we are trying to equalize scholars. the beginning of an MLA styled paper has four pieces of preliminary matter, your name, instructor name, course title, and date. it has 1 inch margins all around and is double spaced its typed with a 12 point font in times new roman,

don’t write on your presentation copy – have confidence in your presentation copy, you made multiple drafts chalk full of mistakesĀ that if you hadn’t weeded out by now, are here to stay

never use 1st 2nd or 3rd, always first second or third

create a folder for every class, double check your margins – it is important to be organized for every class, structure provides a much easier environment in which to learn

insert page number in the top write, last name and page numberĀ  make sure as well you set that to 12 point times new roman

remove the double space between paragraphs that comes default in Microsoft word

if in doubt make a choice and be consistent

learning involves hearing and doing

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