An Essay About My Notes on the Word Serious 10/31/14

through the course of our conversation regarding the word serious, I was able to view the differing perspectives of several people. as a whole we all roughly agreed that serious is a stern non joking attitude that is employed to help portray the magnitude of a particular situation. I felt really informed and that I had learned quite a bit by hearing the different perspectives of people that I consider to be intelligent scholars. the reason I have such faith in the intelligence of my fellow scholars is because I am very stubborn and they make me think. if you can make a person who is stuck in their ways think, you have a fairly good grasp of language already. I feel that through listening to intelligent people discuss an academic topic, you can learn a substantial amount through listening to their academic vocabulary, and paying attention to their approaches for portraying their points, as well as learning from the opinion they are getting across itself. the biggest thing that I learned from this experience is that the best way to form an opinion on an opinionated topic, is to gain as much perspective as possible. if you understand why other people think the way that they do, it makes it much easier to know whether you agree with them or not.

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