Comp 150, and my education as a whole 10/31/14

since I have been in comp 150 I have gained an understanding that composition is very important to me. as a music major I want to create music, and since I have been in this comp class, I have seen that when composing anything, it takes time, revision, effort, and a passion for whatever it is that you are creating. writing is a process. you cannot simply throw down the first thing that comes to your mind and expect it to be the stroke of genius that you would like it to be. as we discussed the word serious in class. I began to get a better grasp of what the applications of being serious about education actually look like. I began to realize that if I took all of my classes more seriously I would be getting substantially more out of them. and its a shame, and something that deeply upsets me to see that I am not getting everything that I could be getting out of my education simply because I am not putting in the proper amount of effort. I don’t know if you are reading this bill, but the things you make us do in class, truly do help me in other classes as well as just helping me maintain the proper mindset for education. doing this blog that you are reading right now is the exact time that I realized how important it is to put effort into school, we need to break our old habits and learn the things that we actually care about. and the stuff that we don’t. we do need to make connections. I resolve to put in more effort to all of the assignments in this class. and connect that resolve into every aspect of my education.

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