My experience with our discussion of debate and persuasion 10/31/14

Wednesday we went outside to have class, it was nice weather and provided a nice environment for academic discussion. we started off with bill making an analogy, he claimed that NBA players still make the same moves and jr high basketball players, although with more skill, the concepts are the same. he went on to say that debating and persuading are the same in that sense. as a child we try to persuade our parents to get us a new toy and the tactics to get a new toy as a child are very similar to those that we will use as adults to try to get jobs. what i learned from this experience is that we primarily need to focus on developing the skills that we already have. in debate there is not an expanse of new skills that you can acquire, so it is important to develop those that we already have

2 thoughts on “My experience with our discussion of debate and persuasion 10/31/14”

  1. The structure of your notes has developed well, into a easily readable structure. I noticed that you have a lot of names of fellow scholars that are not capitalized, that may be something to check out. But I appreciate the honesty in certain posts. Also the great way in which you retain what is said in class. For example your quotes are well done in recording exactly what other scholars say. Job well done, keep it up!

  2. I don’t believe that you don’t acquire new skills in debate. I feel that many people adapt in high stress situations (i.e. a debate) by learning new strategies to use in situations. It isn’t necessarily common where you learn new strategies in debate, but it isn’t that rare to adapt in this way.

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