notes oct 24 2014

comp 150 / sec 12

if you italicize something don’t use quotations.

  • turn signals are a convention they signal to the person behind you what you are going to do
  • italics are for books, quotations are for movies
  • assignment: blogging, 1st part todays notes, 2nd part post an essay about my notes, 3rd part connect the conversation we had to my education
  • make it MLA as much as possible
  • we need to be able to transfer our knowledge and make a connection
  • “I didn’t get anything out of that class” “it was a waste of time” ” ill never use any of that” “its of no use to me”
  • it is hard to transfer when your not pushed to make connections
  • blogging is a different site
  • papers, blogs, texts, and conversations are all sites for the creation of knowledge
  • we are pushing to understand language, to tease our subtleties and differences and pushing against commonly held assumptions  about writing, we are developing our abilities as critical thinkers and learning how difficult it is to write
  • what does serious mean?
  • precious: I don’t know, something that’s not kidding around
  • Sydney: she said she didn’t know
  • Justin: she established what it is not
  • Bill: if you can understand words you can understand sentences and paragraphs and papers
  • Leighton: serious means focused and determined
  • CJ: serious is a tone
  • Bill: comedians can lighten seriousness, seriousness can change in different settings
  • amy: serious means disciplined
  • katy: an attempt to make yourself understood
  • bean: communicating something with conviction
  • carlie: serious is like batman
  • sam: going towards a goal with a motivated and driven mindset
  • norene: serious is legitimate and persistent
  • Justin: a full bodied attempt to accomplish something
  • Justin Richards: an emotion that reflects the magnitude of a situation
  • Bill: paraphrasing make things easier to understand
  • emotion that shows the magnitude of the situation, emotion that matches the magnitude of the situation, emotion that rises to the magnitude of the situation,
  • Sam: serious is an attitude that affirms the realness of a situation
  • Kevin: serious is an expectation, its demanding
  • norene: earnestness or importance
  • patch writing
  • bill is pushing us to notice how ordinary words have a meaning when you write them, when someone reads it they don’t dread what you were thinking


conventions have to do with a rhetorical setting

nothing applies everywhere – you have to have your mind set for the situation that you are in, you can’t simply assume what something is going to be like

genres are patterned responses to recurring situations

a genre is a form that a discourse community uses in order to make something happen

missing words and punctuation are common mistakes

write in first person

do three hours of homework for every hour in class – important as being in class is, what is far more important is learning to think independently, something you can never learn in a classroom

post all of your notes this far, and post that you are here



if there is a set length of a writing assignment it will be a word count, within a range. at the end of the paper double space down and put your word count. we are trying to equalize scholars. the beginning of an MLA styled paper has four pieces of preliminary matter, your name, instructor name, course title, and date. it has 1 inch margins all around and is double spaced its typed with a 12 point font in times new roman,

don’t write on your presentation copy – have confidence in your presentation copy, you made multiple drafts chalk full of mistakes that if you hadn’t weeded out by now, are here to stay

never use 1st 2nd or 3rd, always first second or third

create a folder for every class, double check your margins – it is important to be organized for every class, structure provides a much easier environment in which to learn

insert page number in the top write, last name and page number  make sure as well you set that to 12 point times new roman

remove the double space between paragraphs that comes default in Microsoft word

if in doubt make a choice and be consistent

learning involves hearing and doing


Sam deGraw – ” we need to write everything even if it doesn’t seem important

its important to use your brain to analyze information its important to deepen an idea – it is very important for us to think beyond the surface level of topics, what would we have discovered or accomplished as people if we only left things at their most basic level

what are you thinking? expand and deepen ideas use perspective

Zack Dawd deepens conversations but not writing participate an observe writing is a process, revising is writing practice

Sydney – ” we are good at playing school” – we go through the motions of work and homework and even sometimes spend time outside of class working on our assignments, but we rarely think deep and actually contemplate our content of study

multiple perspectives  increase learning if you do need to take an audio recording  ASK

institutional review board, they supervise how to construct your survey instrument people have a right to know where results go and who gets to see them,

bill is stunned that a conversation about the ethics of research led directly to money – money is a lot of peoples primary concern, which to me is concerning people care more about their own money than they do about the lives of others

everybody has different views the more we understand what we believe, the easier it is to hear the views of others, bill is here to teach us to think


Visualize success, train your body to write while you listen, train your body to study, to use your mind, to write. writing is a physical activity if you go to the mountains with your mind you will die. if you come to college without your body you will flunk you have to train your body for the college experience students think they don’t need to train their bodies, scholars know to prepare.  time on task, if time is set aside for a task its more likely to be done – it is much harder to skip something if you force it to where it is a conscious decision whether or not you are going to do it and it is not simply forgotten

Scholars who are held early to a standard of rigorous self assessment in their careers lean more – it is easier to improve if you regularly check your progress and areas that need practice or attention

our goal is to understand our own minds, scholars understand the process I will be honored as a scholar if I need to reschedule turning in an essay don’t turn in half assed work, pay attention to the noise inside our head, write it all down only then will you know what to use and what to discard. people who write in the wrong mindset cant change the world.

talking and writing go hand in hand, thinking is conversation internalized, writing is conversation visualized –  thinking is a monologue that happens within our own minds, and writing could be anything from a letter that only one person is intended to see, or a novel for thousands to read,


Zack Dawd – “the length of a work depends upon the purpose”

Justin Richards – “Research is observing everything around you”

we will learn each others names, we are scholars.

research is the mind that you bring to the moment that you are in.

research doesn’t mean going to the library. questions clarify.

you are responsible for your production of knowledge

the first mention of a person in writing includes the first and last name, the mention and so on, uses only the last name

Amy Gabryszewski – ” how do you spell rhetoric?”

McCauley Smith – “we are just interacting and getting to know eachother”

the banking theory of education, the mind is treated like a safe and we think knowledge can simply be deposited. – this is a common misconception, knowledge cannot simply be dropped of or picked up, learning is a process, it takes time to retain information and learn how to think and handle information

college is a business you have to be professional

we live in a world where we believe that knowledge isn’t hidden

the more you know, the more invested you are in discussion. learning increases where people have a relationship with fellow scholars. – if you are friends with fellow scholars you will be more motivated to discuss academic content with them, if you do not know them it can seem like boring school stuff

who is your audience and what do you want them to do

when you write down everything you miss nothing important, if it sounds important write it down, if it doesn’t write it down – this plan makes it easiest to ensure that you do not miss any crucial information, by writing everything down and then sorting through it all you can later see what really is important

we treat the pen as a way of saying what we already know

writing is a shovel you dig and hope for something good

repetition is practice

writing as reporting – you don’t write until you know what to say

writing as exploring – you write until you know what to say

don’t admit you are to lazy to produce your own knowledge writing is not basketball, hog the paper

opening and closing statement best capture the meaning of the paper




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