Childhood Obesity: Is Your Kid At RIsk?

It’s time to face the facts about childhood obesity

Children across the nation are the most overweight they’ve ever been. The percentage of obese children has nearly tripled in the past few decades. Obese children have an increased chance of developing high blood pressure diseases like diabetes. What can you do to protect your child’s health? Here are some of the most likely contributors to childhood obesity.



Children that watch more hours of TV a day are more likely to be obese. This statistic also hold true for other electronics like cell phones, video games, and computers. Children that have a TV in their bedroom have higher rates of behavioral problems and obesity. Abusing electronics is unhealthy but something make TV especially dangerous.

Fast Food Advertising

Scientists have proven that the more a kid is exposed to fast food commercials the more like he or she is of being obese. The rise in the sale and advertising of fast food in the last century grew at around the same the rate as the rise in childhood obesity. Cartoon characters promoting unhealthy food weave in and out of your kid’s favorite show. It’s unknown if young children can even distinguish between the advertisement and the cartoon. Luckily there have been studies proving that obesity can combated. Here’s what will work in improving your kid’s health.

The Good News

Children at New York City Public Schools are some of the least obese in the country. The percentage of overweight kids has fallen drastically in every age group. What made this achievement possible? Nutrition. Families that are members of the WIC (Women Infants Children) program receive food vouchers. The WIC chapter in NYC redesigned their voucher packages to be more well rounded at the same time obesity started dropping. Children that eat healthy will have an easier time keeping their weight under control. Give your child a good diet and be proactive in preventing this disease.

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