Athletic Training



In the world of sports, there are bound to be injuries. Injuries can span from something simple as an ankle sprain, to a torn Anterior Collateral Ligament (ACL). The job of an athletic trainer (AT) is for the prevention and the rehabilitation of the physically active.

The study of athletic training is a rigorous career to pursue. There is a vast amount of knowledge one must acquire in their study. One crucial amount of information that is needed to know is the entire human anatomy. This includes bones, tendons, muscles, and bones. Knowing all this makes it easier for one to document information. Another vast amount of information that is needed to know is the etiologies of a vast amount of injuries. Along with the etiologies, one must know the preventative measures and the rehabilitation techniques for each injury. Most of this information can be found in this book, Principles of Athletic Training that I read for my Foundations of Athletic Training class last semester.


This semester is am taking AT 220, Clinical 1. During this class I am observing what takes place in the athletic training room. I follow both students and certifies. I learn about injuries first hand. I also get to learn about the daily jobs of an athletic trainer. Most of the knowledge I learn are the rehabilitation methods that are used on the student athletes. Some examples of these are Ultrasound. This is pulsing sound waves into the injured area to promote healing. Another example is Electrical stimulation, this is used in pulse to try to cause a muscle to contract to help the muscle to relax, causing release on the tight tendon the muscle is attached to.

One vital trait that I am learning is prophylactic taping. This can be taping of an ankle to prevent an evulsion rotation of the ankle.  This is a trait that all athletic trainers learn, and it is a struggle to get theses tape jobs correct, but it is needed for the career. Here is a video on an ankle being taped using the “BasketWeave” method. Basketweave Ankle Taping video clip.

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