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Hey! My name is Jonathan Montgomery Gentner, and I study Political Science here at Fort Lewis College. I have attended the fort for nearly 2 years now, and have never been more happy about any decision in my life so far! Besides from the wonderful air and cool views that we are exposed to every day in Colorful Colorado. I also love this area because I am able to enjoy hiking, climbing, rafting, and snowboarding all in the same day! (That would be if all these sports were in the same season. Not only does Durango have wonderful outdoor activities to offer its inhabitants, but this town is also one of the best communities I have ever had the pleasure to be apart of.

I moved up here from Albuquerque, which basically means that I had never been this up close and personal with such an intense mountain range as the San Juan’s. My experience in the wilderness around Durango has made me much more acquainted with nature, myself, and the world that we live in. I hope to take all of the wonderful connections and knowledge that I forge here in Durango, and apply it to the world in an epic way to create positive change!

*The above picture was taken at the Highland Mary Lakes, just north of Silverton. This is one of my favorite places to get away in the San Juans!*

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